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By the way, I forgot to tell you somethings :

First of all, I made a few modifications in my files again. So you have to download the translation folder again. But this time it's only less files to take care of. (I'm so sorry if I bother you) By the way, you don't have to make an exact translation in order to give better context for Spanish readers.

If you can find the Spanish instruction manual of Sonic Advance, the first line is based on the story-telling of the manual.

Then, for the translation, uses the 2nd person of singular to describe the game's user. I say this, because I don't know if the Spanish language uses the 2nd person of plural as a form of politeness for an individual person like in French.

Also, once you are done with the translation and give it to me, I'll give to you a reward. Believe me, you gonna like what I've made !