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Interesting concept for a game! I like the idea of strategy when it comes to assessing the enemies and choosing what order would be best for dealing with each unit. The branching paths also add some nice decision making for the player.

However, I found that it became a bit too easy rather quickly. The first loop was balanced fine, but when it came to the 2nd, I felt like I was able to become overpowered with many new units very quickly. By the 3rd loop it wasn’t a challenge at all. One thing that could improve this is only being able to purchase one unit at a time. Another idea would be drastically reducing the amount of gold earned. If the game is tweaked a bit, it could be a challenging and fun experience. (I only played till the end of the 3rd loop, so my impressions are based on that.)

As a side note, when I tried to install and run the game through the app, I got an error. Not sure if this will happen to anyone else, but I just played the game in a browser window.

I still enjoyed what I played though! I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work!