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Ahh this is so good! Such an interesting game and was really fun to play. I love escape room scenarios and this definitely delivered. I love the characters too, the voice actors did a great job! I hope you have the opportunity to develop  this game more, I would love to see what is awaiting Alice and Kevin on the other side of the cell door :) Well done! So glad I played this

Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your kind words. It was a lot of fun to put together in the end as a small side-project of mine--and I'm grateful that so many people are giving it a shot!

I definitely agree on the voice-acting front--I'm really proud of the cast, and how both the VAs brought the characters to life. Without them, Project: Escape certainly wouldn't be what it is!

While I have a lot on my plate right now--I really would like to make more of this if I can, and am already in talks with the artists about potentially drafting some more concepts up. So please look forward to HOPEFULLY more down the line!


Ah thank you for the response and good luck, I hope you get to continue with said project. Would be great to see more :) But that being said, also relax and take time for yourself!