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Day 7: Gamification to get organized

Also known as Ludification, “it is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational-professional field in order to achieve better results, either for a better absorption of knowledge, to improve some skill, or to reward specific actions, among many other objectives ”.

This time I want to talk about gamification as part of a work routine, and I think it is very useful if you are a freelancer or you are facing a completely unknown objective; In this case, where to start developing a video game?

For Redd’s Runaway I spent many days trying to find the right path, and I remembered a video made by RagnarRox (recommended channel, I include the video in question), which you can check in the minute 6:30. This is how I started to create checkboxes in my notebook, looking forward to fill at least 10 boxes daily; by the time I was in the 10th box, if I had more pending tasks, the remaining 8 came out without problems; there weren't always 18, but this technique was especially useful on the heaviest days, since each box represented only a small task, such as:

  • Add 3 boss sounds
  • Apply color palette
  • First preview of the interface style

25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest, more defined tasks and above all, more confidence that you have clear objectives about what you have to do in the day.


I really like the idea of how you broke up your work.  

Creating a system to work by is better then just setting a goal in my opinion, and it looks like you have worked out a good one for yourself.

Thanks for sharing that video!  I'm always looking out for useful channels like that.

That video reminded me of a video I made not long ago!  Tho admittedly mine is not as good as this one.

Check it out if you like.  :)

Thank you SneaK! Your work is pretty good, keep it up! Eventually the quality can get better, but the content itself, right now is very good; getting more opinions about game dev is great to improve our work.