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(Hello Marianoa213 ! Don't forget to re-download the translation .zip file)

I'm here to announce that a Spanish version will be coming soon. It's gonna be a big update !

For now, I managed to fix a lot of, if not, every translation errors (again) and graphical issues that I made during the previous versions of the mods. When it comes to translation errors, I admit that it's my fault.

However, when I modified some images files with texts to translate, I realized that the colors has been modified slightly or, worse case scenario, a few parts that are glitched. All because of this STUPID GOOGLE PHOTOS WHICH SOMEHOW DECIDES TO TURN .PNG FILES INTO .JPG !

And this is why I decided to never use Google Photos to save in the cloud any of my future content from now.

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I hope the game is going to be awesome with spanish.

I can help improve the game's perfomance too.

You can use Dropbox to save your files too

EDIT: I don't know if Dropbox turns .png files into .jpg 

First of all, I don't mind much about .PNG and .JPG fiasco, because I use Google Drive instead, which doesn't change images when uploaded.

Secondly, if you want to improve the game's performance, I hope that you know how to program in Java and Smali. Because I don't know how to program in those languages and I didn't found anyone who can develop projects using those languages. Especially for free. For that, I'll say good luck !

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Sorry but I don't know program in Java and Smali.

But I know program in Construct.

EDIT: I use Google Drive for save files too!

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Okay then. Maybe if you can find someone who is good at Java and Smali, that would be helpful. But if you can't do that, I don't blame you.

Don't forget to download the .zip folder in *** FOR TRANSLATION ***.

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I'm translating with Paint.NET

EDIT: Do Paint.NET works translating?

EDIT: I redownloaded the FOR TRANSLATION file