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Of course !

I can give to you the files once I'll make a special button where you can download all the text that you have to translate.

It will take time though, but I'll tell you once I'm done. Also, there will be instructions about how to deal with certain files.

Great! I want add Spanish cause  some people talk spanish and they want play this game but in spanish

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I made a button in the Download section written *** FOR TRANSLATION ***.

Now, go download this .zip file. After extracting the .zip folder, don't forget to read the INSTRUCTIONS file !

Ok, Thank You!

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You're welcome !

Next time you want to contact me, write on the comment bar instead of clicking on reply to talk to me. Because our comments are about to be squashed.

Also, don't forget to contact me if you have made some translations. Because someone else used to translate this game into Spanish, but I haven't got any news for months.

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Hello ! This is important !

I realised that I made a few grammar errors in certain files.

Because of this, you have to re-download the .zip folder in the same button.

Also, I made the tips_ files easier to read so you won't be bothered much.

Ok,when  I can I'l do the translation