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The Steadfast And The Rebellious is a maximum four-player card-based storytelling rpg about a fantasy city rising up against its conquerer.

It's 11 pages, with a lot of great, colorful photo art, and a bright-rather-than-grim punk vibe.

Gameplay-wise, Steadfast uses a deck of cards to lay out the flow of the narrative, and the game is quite structured. You draw a few cards, play one, and this determines which option off of a chart happens next. You have a lot of freedom to narrate the results, and the conclusion to the story is ultimately open-ended, but this isn't a game where you get bogged down in minor dice rolls and the minutiae of accomplishing your objectives. You accomplish them, and then the book hands you your next question.

Because of this, Steadfast plays quick. It's good for bite-sized pickup games, but it might struggle to play a campaign unless you make some mechanical tweaks.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quick, portable rpg that spins a high-energy fantasy story about heroes vs tyrants.


Thank you for your review! :)