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Hi Jordan! This game is so beautiful and I love the idea that you’re the pet. It’s simple but I think it really works, & I always love a typing game!

There were definitely times that I pressed the button faster than the game would let me, and then before I realized that it didn’t go through, I’d missed the trick. Also, this is probably a side effect of having such a short time limit combined with such a high visual standard, but I wish there were a few more tricks - after a bit, my hands were kind of staying in one place on the keyboard where I could reach every trick, which I think is maybe a little less chaotic than the vibe you were going for.

This is so cute though - the simple colors make it really nice to look at. And the whole pet adoption process metaphor is super interesting and clever!

I agree, a future iteration could use a few more tricks. I implemented an input timer because key presses kept being read after the prompt had changed, causing strikes to be wrongfully called, but I'm sure there's a better way to do something like that (especially since speed is a key factor). Thanks for playing, and I appreciate the feedback!