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I have also noticed that at times if you're climbing the rope up to a ledge, and your character isn't able to grab the ledge (for no apparent reason), then sometimes you can get stuck on the rope, unable to descend, unable to do anything except fall to your death. I also found, while I was trying to improve my time on normal mode, that you can be completely immobilized (unable to move at all, no matter what you try to do to get out of it) if your character simultaneously tries to climb down a rope and climb down a wall. That's very frustrating and should be fixed. The timing for the jump (if you're jumping from one platform immediately after landing) is a little too tight - a bit more generosity here would make the game feel a lot more responsive.

One thing I will say for it is that it's addicting though. There's something about it which keeps me coming back. After having glitches ruin my best runs, though, I'll be put off for a while. You have something here, but you need to refine it.