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I really enjoy the theme. I think the game approaches its ideal when transforms a regional or cultural issue universal by its self language. Although I'm not counting also that identifies a good game in middle of clonewares. You contributes a few to the actractiveness of game area and innovation. I think that is the mission of the game jams. Some points:

- I've lost time to figure out that I needed to catch the timer forward in the level.

- The stick thrower is something I can't recognize. Is it a robot?

- The rats seems like hazard if you doesn't pay attention to titlescreen that actually seems like game mode options, it's not as clear as instructions. Maybe a phrase needs to be put out above that describes the player's objective.

- The graphics seems not rendered exactly at the gameboy res, see the rat, instructions text and the site link. Seems like zoomed out and in.

Anyway, it's my opinions and it's a nice game and I've enjoyed to play.