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Hey Finn!

Another beautiful game. It took me a bit to get use to the controls (Probably should've read the description first). I didn't see the jam, but is that right you made this in three days? Amazing!

I got excited when I figured out each one had a different ability.  Not sure if someone brought it up yet or not, but I noticed in some stages, the first one especially. When using the blue ability, I was able to phase through the wall if I had the cube right next to the wall and pressed the button on the side they were against. (If it was right against the right wall, I would press RMB)

I wasn't sure if that was on purpose or not, so I wanted to ask about it.

Great game though, I never really seen one with this combo of mechanics before.


I really appreciate the feedback.  Phase through wall is a bug that has been fixed but I was waiting until the rating period was over before updating the game then totally forgot about it, so hey thanks for reminding me! 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for playing =))