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Wow, thank you so much!

I read your full review, and I kind of wish you wrote the description of the game now, that was wonderful to read. We also both got a kick out of the clip, the face you made was great!

There are talks in the works of adding more along the road. More items,  voice acting, a more interactive summoning ritual and more monsters, including: you didn't hear it from me, a certain creature from Chinese folklore. 

Thank you again from the both of us!


Wow, that sounds so exciting! You guys got it in for Spooktober though and that in itself is a huge accomplishment! The fact that you're interested in extending the game is great considering you all all the time you want without crazy deadlines now~

Seriously, that summoning sequence is a gem and inspires me so much since I love supernatural elements in my games! 

Also I knew I wanted to summon the headless pumkinhead from the very moment I saw her (;

I am trying to review all the Spooktober games btw, and can link it on twitter if you don't mind? (:

Of course!! We'd love for you to link it on twitter!! And so glad you enjoyed it, that makes us very happy!

Marmalade had a great idea with that summoning sequence and I'm glad we rode that train. Piog was one of my first designs so I'm happy to hear that, haha!


You guys sound like a perfect team! 

I just think this game has amazing potential and I'm so glad you went that way! 

Linking it now! 

Oh, thank you so much! Again! 

We worked with each other before on small ideas here and there in other games, but as soon as one of us spotted the contest we wanted to try and sit down to make a game together. The summoning sequence was definitely both my joy and fear in the programming side, it was my first time with Python and Ren'py, so my biggest worry was it would break or not be fun for players. To hear you talk about it  lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. 

As Tabikat said, Piog was the first one Tab made for the game, and was programmed in, so it's exciting to hear people liked her so much. I half didn't want to put her in screenshots to keep the mystery, but I thought she would be the best to show off the game.

We can't thank you enough for the review and the twitter post. 


It's no problem! 

I know how it feels to hear praise as a fellow developer and want to share that with everyone that did the work of finishing Spooktober. And that anxiety over trying a new idea you're not completely confident in is so relatable but also a classic high risk situation that paid off really well for your game! Congrats!

Best wishes to your continued success together as a team!