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You are officially one of my favourite developers.

I have just got the last ending to this game and I loved it! (Don't) Open Your Eyes was already the best horror visual novel I'd ever played, and yet somehow you topped it. The concept is so creative and is such a clever use of the medium, I found myself sucked in from the very first choice and genuinely feeling uncomfortable. Not gonna lie there were a lot of times I pressed the mute button before it became available because the radio voice was genuinely freaking me out and I wanted it to shut up. The writing was on point, everything felt so natural yet unsettling, and I especially loved how used the visual novel mechanics to give every character their own separate voice.

You said that you couldn't add as much as you wanted due to time constraints but this was still an incredible experience that you should be extremely proud of, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next.