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I can't believe I missed this for a week, but I love it! You never fail to get me invested, this world already has me hooked. I adore the new roster of characters, fabulous designs as always (love the blinking animation, it's a small touch but it makes them come alive). Really looking forward to seeing how their routes develop (eagerly waiting for Savannah's route because I'm already in love with her). Pogo's route was delightful, such a fun character and I think the perfect choice to get us used to Capella's personality as well, the two have great chemistry. Capella is a really interesting protagonist, she's just so earnest and her reasons for running away already have me curious. Everything about this is great, it's so short and you've already done so much to make me love this setting. Can't wait to see new routes get released and see how the story develops. 

P.S. Netina on a date to the circus! That's such a cute cameo, I wonder if anyone else will make a surprise appearance. 

Ending 4 was my favourite.

Decided to give this a go after playing Sweet Dreams and it was just as awesome, it's cool seeing more of Cro (I love how he just plays along even though he clearly knows what's happening) and Petunia is really fun to play as. Loving what I've seen of your work so far and can't wait to see more.

This is awesome! Great story and presentation, Lee and Cro are both excellent characters that I'd love to see more of. Both endings were brilliant on their own but that secret ending was an incredible surprise (fully expected things to get dark but did not expect Cro to address me directly, that was well played). 

I love this! This might be my favourite jam submission. Was not expecting the turn to horror to happen quite that quickly but it was a delightful surprise, the effects and changing/obscured text was incredibly effective at creating an unsettling atmosphere. The Jester (Clown? Luma?) is wonderfully creepy, I'm kind of in love with him already and already want to see more of him. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future updates, you've created an incredible demo here.

I was stuck for ages on the plant demon because I kept automatically typing 'favourite' rather than 'favorite', curse my british brain! 

This was a lot of fun, I love the concept and it's cool to see someone using typing for interesting game mechanics, plus the demons were fun (love the dancing demon). I filled out the feedback form and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more of this. 

That was intense, absolutely incredible experience. Definitely will be keeping an eye out for the full release.

I've had this saved in my library to play for ages but only just got around to it, so glad I finally did because this is one of the most beautifully haunting experiences I've ever had in a game. My finger is actually a bit numb because I almost always had the play the violin button down, that song is utterly beautiful and there's something so hypnotising about walking around these environments while constantly playing (plus the atmosphere is kind of terrifying when you don't have the music). The maze-like design of the environments had me wandering around in circles a bit but I didn't mind, in fact I quite enjoyed just being able to walk around and get lost in the music. The ending definitely caught me off guard, but this was an incredible game that I absolutely adored. I will definitely be trying the different versions to see what they're like, but honestly I think I'll be replaying it again just because it's that good. Would love to see more of this concept.

Didn't even notice my cat looking at me at first, that caught me off guard. Great little horror game, love the aesthetic and how the atmosphere just slowly builds over each day. 

That was one of the most unsettling experiences I've had in a while. You have made an absolutely incredible game, the N64 style works incredibly well and the build up of tension as you find the cause of the snow is so effective. I still feel really uncomfortable as I type this, I'm going to be thinking about this game for ages. 

That was brilliant, such a simple concept yet you really conveyed the urgency and the danger effectively. It was so satisfying to finally reach the end. 

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I thought I knew what to expect but you still managed to surprise me, excellent little horror game with no snakes exactly as advertised.

I love this so much. Short but so satisfying, you've really managed to hit a perfect balance between erotic and horror. The Wulf especially was very well done; had me right in that scarousal sweet spot. I also really liked the inclusion of point and click elements, especially for that fourth ending, and would love to see that idea expanded upon. And the art was absolutely gorgeous, not to mention such an atmospheric sound design. I would definitely be interested in seeing more stories set in this universe, the world building you've managed to do in such a short space of time really has me wanting to know more about it. 

Have been meaning to play this for a while and finally got around to it. Had a lot of fun playing this demo, there's a lot of potential here already and I'm very interested in seeing how things develop in the full game. Love the artstyle, the setting especially is really cute (though I'm seriously craving chocolate right now haha), and the small element of horror already shown was really effective. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the full release. 

This game is amazing! I already loved Project Kat (actually replayed it on steam to refresh myself before starting this one - quite neat to see that Chapter 1 recognised my save file) but Paper Lily is even better. The sheer variety of choices is really incredible, it must have taken so much work to add that many different options and solutions (and that's just in this version, very eager to see what the upcoming update adds). And a lot of the puzzles were really interesting and satisfying, especially when I'd been wandering around not knowing what to do then something suddenly just clicks (I cheered out loud when I figured out the shortcut). It also led me to being more creative in my thinking and even spending time trying random things just to see if they worked (think I sat for at least half an hour in that train waiting room just in case they actually called my number haha). And the story is absolutely wonderful. It's a bit of a different tone to Project Kat which threw me off at first, but adding this more fantastical setting alongside the horror worked so well. Lacie is so precious, I love all her gaming comments and my heart broke for her the more we learned of her life, I really want to help her get rid of her curse. The story is definitely raising a lot of interesting questions, particularly regarding those gold envelopes (I remember them from Project Kat), very eager to find out more and I'm already excited for Chapter 2. Thank you so much for this incredible game, I look forward to seeing what else you bring to the table.

And Rune is cool. 

I like Rune.

P.S. Huge thank you for adding a skip option for the spikes. They didn't ruin my enjoyment of the game in any way but I always struggle with these kind of puzzles and get frustrated with them, so I really appreciate having that option so I can push on with the story if I'm really having trouble. 

Loved this so much! It was so much fun to play through, one of my favourite RPG horrors I've played. It does remind me of some of the classics, Witches House especially with how many ways you can die! The story was really interesting to follow, I loved Bonnie and Hunter's relationship and how every character had so much depth. Excellent game, I'm sure I'll be playing it again

Now I have found all 3 endings and think I've spoken to everyone, the only thing I can't seem to figure out is how to pet a rat. I fed them but I can't pet them and I don't want to let Gary down.

I love this already, really interesting premise and each of the entities are very intriguing. You've created quite an intense atmosphere in such a short space of time. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the full release. 

Another excellent game, I love how much development you put into your characters and worldbuilding in such a short space of time. The art was gorgeous as usual and it was a really engaging story. I do wonder what it would have been like to play this if I hadn't played Berrywitched already, because knowing what happens in that game makes the true ending here so sad. 

Finally got around to playing this, this has to be one of my favourite visual novels of yours. It was incredibly atmospheric, every character stood out and the writing was brilliant (especially love the use of the narrator, that was completely unexpected). Took me a bit of time to figure out how to get that last CG but it was such a clever trick, I love it when devs use the gameplay as part of the story. Beautiful game, you did such amazing work with it.

I love this so much! It was so intense trying to navigate the conversation with God to a point where Yun would live, really excellent writing. God is both unsettling and oddly enchanting, especially in their monstrous form. I'd love to see them in another game.

This is great, the reactions were brilliant and it was fun putting together different combinations. 

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Are the pictures bugged or are they meant to just get stuck on the face?

This is brilliant! I was already satisfied after getting the 5 endings. The writing is great, the art is lovely and that censorship is absolutely amazing, so I'd have been happy if that's all there was. But then I figured out how to break the game and... wow! The twist was absolutely genius, and re-experiencing the game from that perspective turned a story that already had some pretty dark themes and moments into a thoroughly unsettling experience. I am so glad I played this game, you have created something absolutely incredible. I would love to play more games by you. 

I finally found time to finish playing this and AHHHH! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!! 

I've said before that you're my favourite developer and that still stands, this was absolutely incredible. The story and characters were just as wonderful as always, it was great to really get to know Vasilis as we haven't spent a huge amount of time with them before, plus their relationship with Mary was so cute! It took me a while to get the hang of combat as I don't play many turn based RPGs (took me an embarassingly long time to remember how effective grinding is for tricky bosses haha) but I really enjoyed the gameplay here, especially the puzzles. Got all the endings and think I've found everything, though may have to play again just to be sure (as if I need an excuse). Just amazing all around, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my playtime. 

You know if you keep making awesome games like this eventually my favourite game list will just be full of nothing but your work.

I was not expecting the dark content to start as soon as I acknowledged being old enough to view it, talk about a shock. 

This is incredible, a wonderfully surreal and disturbing experience. Everything from the artstyle, the soundtrack, the errors and especially the writing all worked together perfectly. I felt so uncomfortable reading this but I really want to know what happens next, will definitely be keep an eye out for the full release. 

This was one of the most intensely emotional experiences I've ever had with a game, I was not expecting it to affect me this much (had to quit because it was getting a bit much). 

It is remarkable how much the character remembers, my first run through I was trying out a couple of things just to see what happened but the negative reactions caught me off guard and I found myself repeating the same actions because I just wanted them to be happy (barely did anything with the knife). And then the sudden fourth wall breaks really freaked me out; I don't know why but being told that despite me continuing to play there was only ever 2 seconds of music was very unsettling. 

Incredible work, every aspect of this game works to create a surreal yet powerful experience. There is so much here and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. Once I've had some time I want to explore a bit deeper, though I'm worried doing so will involve having to hurt or upset the character. 

Which I don't want to do because they're lovely and I just want to hug them and tell them everything will be alright. 

This was so much fun to play! Such a great combination of cute and creepy, with a wonderful artstyle. 

Yeah with The Collector there the other guys didn't stand a chance, love him! 

Great little game. It's such a unique scenario, I'd love to see it expanded. 

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME!!! I have always wanted a game where you can explore underwater as a mermaid so finding this is a dream come true. And it's a really cool game in general, you've created a great setting and interesting mechanics (really like the use of sound for helping to solve puzzles). Took a bit of time to get the hang of the controls and even with the low rez version the framerate chugged a bit (which is probably more due to my laptop than the game itself) but I really enjoyed exploring the environment and solving the puzzles. The atmosphere is hauntingly eerie yet beautiful, it had me mesmerised all the way to the end. Awesome game, I love it and I'm probably going to play it again very soon. 

Absolutely breathtaking, you are such an amazing writer.

Wow. Just... wow. This one of the most intense things I have ever read, absolutely incredible. 

I am in love with this game! Wasn't entirely sure what to expect when i first downloaded it but this is one of the most unique settings I've seen in ages. I want to know everything about this clown world, all the little details just have me so curious to find out more. The story is really interesting and the characters are all bursting with personality, Looney is such an adorable doof and Ube is an absolute sweetheart (I think they're already my favourite character). The artstyle is also delightful, so vivid and colourful with some gorgeous character designs; I'm already eager to see what other clowns appear. I can't believe how much is here already, if that's just the prologue then I know the full game is going to be incredible. I do not have enough nice words to say about A Day Out With Ube, but I am definitely going to be keep an eye out for further updates.

I got so absorbed in the story then got 'to be continued', was not ready to leave it there! Really good visual novel, lovely art and music that set the atmosphere so well. The writing is excellent, engaging plot with an MC who is a really fun and relatable person to play as. Crowe is absolutely delightful, apart from the gorgeous design I love his personality, he's so charming. With Yandere characters I sometimes find I can't see the appeal of them and am just waiting for them to go crazy, but I think I'm genuinely falling for Crowe already (props to the voice actor btw). Fantastic work, definitely going to keep an eye out for the full version. 

Fantastic demo, really great atmosphere, art and writing which kept my attention throughout. Friend is an intriguing character, I am very eager to see where this story goes with further updates. Think I've got all the endings and they were all quite effective (especially loved being able to get a different variation on one of them, not something I see very often). I am quite curious if the no save or load option will have greater effect in the full game, it definitely caught me off guard when that warning came up and kept me on edge for my first playthrough (especially as my first run seemed to get me all the creepy content). But as I explored more options it didn't feel like that warning came to anything, it just made it take longer to see other choices and endings. Great game, glad I gave it a shot and will definitely be keeping an eye on it. 

I kept waiting for something bad to happen but that was so wholesome! Really fun game, Alan is very charming and I'm curious to see how the story develops further. 

I don't think I've ever been this charmed by such a short amount of gameplay before. Really love the artstyle, there's a an endearing personality to the writing and already some good atmosphere. This game has a lot of potential and I'm very eager to see more. 

Finally got around to playing this and I LOVE IT!!!

Such a wonderful little horror game, the art and writing are as incredible as always. In terms of atmosphere, this felt almost like the middle ground between Tricks N Treats and INMIMB, cute and endearing in so many ways but still with some very unsettling setpieces (the first bad ending really caught me off guard, and I'm still thinking about the skull in the lantern room). It was great to have Ryo in the spotlight for this one, he's the cutest scarecrow ever and was a really fun protagonist. His Dad and his 'Mom' were also fantastic new additions, she in particular had me questioning what was going to happen next. Took a bit of time to figure out the true ending but that was well worth finding, all of the endings were excellent.

And of course the cameos! Fantastic to see Necrotary, Embry and Dr D Light return, it's always interesting to see how the characters act differently depending on the scenario but still act recognisably as themselves (also, Dr D acting as a third parent to embry? HELL YES!). You know, this is why you are one of my favourite developers of all time (apart from the excellent writing and art of course); no matter how many times you bring back the same characters, every story they're part of is completely different. Whenever I boot up one of your games I immediately get a feeling of both familiarity and uncertainty, and it's a feeling completely unique to your games. I've really fallen in love with these characters, and each new iteration just makes them more and more engaging to follow. 

Absolutely fantastic, I am already so excited to see what you come up with next. 

Everyone vanished because I spent too long lost in the beauty of the world. 

This was an incredible experience. The environment is absolutely breathtaking, I can't remember the last time a game's environment consistently made me go 'wow' every time I turned a corner. The ambience only added to the atmosphere, and the music came up so infrequently that it grabbed my attention every time it appeared. There was so much mystery to the story and each of the characters were really distinct, I will definitely be replaying to get all of the endings and explore each of the stories in full. Everyone ended up leaving because I spent so long exploring, so I'm very eager to actually following their stories through to the end.

Absolutely amazing, this is definitely one of those games that will stay with me for a long time. 

This was a lot of fun. I love how you play with the characters and plot points expected of this settings to create a new experience, especially with how you wrote Dracula; he's still an intimidating figure but it's really funny seeing him getting more and more frustrated with every incident (poor guy just wants to brood). Great little story, I love it.