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Another wonderful entry! You've used such a simple scenario to create the most emotionally heavy episode yet; Troka's internal struggle really tugged at my heart strings. I look forward to seeing how her journey continues. 

Thank you so much! I mostly wrote this for fun but I'm so pleased you still find it effective. 

This was such a sweet story, the music and art are both beautiful and I loved getting to know the Creature. 

Really cute little Halloween game, will definitely be playing it again in October. Necrotary, Ryo, Embry (same Embry from INMIMB?) and Sunny were really fun characters to follow, and the story was so charming. I actually played it already a couple of days ago but I had to replay it after finishing Cemetery Mary; it's really cool now understanding all the references and I absolutely adore this universe, you have definitely become one of my favourite developers. 

This was a lovely little story, it's really nice getting to know Ovidius a little more after finishing Cemetery Mary. It was also had some really funny moments, planning the escape was a particular highlight, and just generally had me smiling all the way through. I may be playing it out of season but I definitely felt the holiday spirit (might have to replay it in December). 

This story is so good! 

I can't believe how much content there is, especially with it being free; I loved replaying to get all the different routes and that true ending was not what I expected at all. All of the characters were written so well, Mary in particular was such an adorable and endearing protagonist. I really admire her perspective on cemetaries and I felt bad for all the things that happened to her; just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her everything was going to be all right. Crowven's route was probably my favourite, the bond between him and Mary was so sweet and it was great seeing them work through their issues. Reginald's route was definitely the creepiest (still left me with some questions) and Twyla's route had such an intriguing sense of mystery (as well as those spectacular eyebrows). Still in love with you artstyle, and I've never seen a visual novel use so many animations; they really add to the emotional weight of the scenes. 

Playing Cemetary Mary was such a wonderful experience, I'm utterly in love with it.  


Such a good horror game, I had so much fun playing it. Embry is a really interesting protagonist and Dr D Light really lives up to the name. Their designs are fantastic, I love how much personality your art style has. The story had me hooked from the get-go, I could tell something was up but I still didn't see the final twist coming, and the tension was built up so well that I was on edge for most of the playthrough. I particularly admire how sparingly the music was used; that constant use of silence really made the atmosphere flourish. There may have only been one ending but I still enjoyed replaying it to see the different choices (though part of me regrets going back to bed at the end... oh Dr D...) 

This is one of my new favourite games, definitely going to check out your other work. 

Spooky glory? That definitely sounds like my kind of thing. 

This was a fun game, short but engaging with a nice little twist (for me the impact was lost a bit with the way the game started but it was still a good concept). I liked how Milly's attitude and language reflected her naive nature, and the snake was a really fun companion; was sad to say goodbye to them in the end. It did take a while to figure out how to use the mirror shards; no matter how often I went back to the mirror there was no indication that I was even supposed to be fixing it (I missed the mirror entirely during the first playthrough, though that was more due to my lack of observation). Other than that it was a nice little experience, would love to see what else you can do with the engine (I am quite curious about this "Fever Dream" idea). 

I thought the stick on nails would be a safe option... I was wrong. Immediately gave me Higurashi flashbacks. 

Really enjoyed playing this, very glad I gave it a go. Some of the endings were a bit tricky to get but it was fun seeing all the different options, and I appreciate how well the story was paced (if I hadn't read the description I could have been fooled this was a regular dating sim). And I love the art-style, both of the characters have really great designs that complement their personalities wonderfully. I especially liked Allar, he's not the type I'd typically go for in this type of game but he grew on me very quickly (and his endings were definitely the most interesting of the two).  

I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was playing this, such a fun game! Both characters are wonderfully written with adorable designs (I'd definitely watch their show) and you manage to do so much in a single setting. Very impressed with just how much content there is despite the short length, I got all the endings quite quickly but then I kept finding extra dialogue options. I love everything about Dating is Hell and I've no doubt I'll be replaying it in the future. 

This was really fun, such an interesting idea. The world and suitors were very intriguing,, would love to play a longer version but what's here is a great experience. 

This is a beautiful game. The art and writing have so much personality, I got sucked in straight away. Really impressed how well the story is paced even in this short section, especially with how easily I became emotionally invested (that argument really hurt to watch). I'll definitely be keeping an eye out to see how this progresses. 

... well that escalated quickly.  

This is genuinely one of the most interesting visual novels I've ever played, it completely went against my expectations and left me genuinely unsettled despite the short length. Really excellent work, so glad I gave this a try.

Also that music? That's going to be stuck in my head for a long time. 

A bit late getting to this one, another great story and I love the continued world-building but WHOAH! What an evil cliffhanger! Poor Grem, I really want him to be ok.

Good job there was the content warning, I was not ready for all that hand-holding.

I knew I was going to enjoy Meeting In The Flesh the moment I read the description, but wow! The art and the writing wonderfully combine grotesque body horror with a wholesome atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Every relationship feels natural, within moments of meeting everybody I felt an immediate sense of fondness and familiarity with each of them. Yiestol was my favourite (never thought I'd ever enjoy vore) but each of the suitors routes were a joy to playthrough; it's so nice to have every route be such a positive experience, even if I didn't choose to pursue a romance. I adored all of the world-building details, and it would be great to read more stories set in this world. The music was also amazing, ambient and emotional in every scene. 

This is my perfect romance visual novel. Heck it's my perfect romance story in general, thank you so much for creating such an incredible experience.  

P.S. How do you make big bees so cute? I've never been that keen on bees but now I really want to pet a big bee! 

That twist genuinely caught me off guard. Loved it. Excellent little horror game, I will definitely be picking up the Crimson version in the near future. 

Wow, even though I knew this was a demo that ending still snuck up on me, I really wanted to keep going. 

Right from the beginning I was hooked. Every character was instantly engaging, I can't even decide which one is my favourite because they're all developed so well despite the short length of the demo. The writing was fantastic with excellent pacing, I laughed out loud multiple times while reading (especially at the last name gag) and all the discussions on horror were genuinely interesting (it was fun seeing how many titles I recognised and I even made a note of those I didn't). That short beginning section was a great taste of what kind of scares to expect, and knowing how creepy some of your other work is I can't wait to see what else you have in store. The art is beautifully vibrant and the music works wonderfully for the atmosphere. 

I am in love with this visual novel and will definitely be keeping an eye out for further updates. 

This was so much fun to read! Diego (am I right in thinking it's the same Diego from 'Un Cien, Una Semana'?) and Calliope are both wonderfully written, it went from cute and funny with the pom antics to deeply emotional so smoothly. Got the true ending on my first try but it was a lot of fun going back for the other ones, especially with all of the little notes added. And that authors note with the true ending was very heartwarming; it actually feels quite meaningful given the current situation. Love it, will definitely be returning to this one in the future. 

This was one of the best horror stories I've read in a while, such a simple concept but the writing and presentation had me tense all the way through to the end.

This was uncomfortable to read but also quite heartwarming, I love how your stories combine visceral horror with powerful emotions.

Really compelling little story and beautiful art, so vibrant and colourful. 

This is such a sweet story, loved reading it so much. 

This was a beautiful story, the characters were so compelling with lovely designs and the atmosphere had me hooked all the way through it. Disturbing at times yet really poignant, the end had me tearing up. As soon as I found all the endings I could I immediately downloaded One Year Later, which was a wonderful addition to the story and I'm so happy you included it. Fantastic visual novel, definitely one of my new favourites. 

That's it, I've got all the pictures now. Thank you :D 

Absolutely wonderful experience, easily one of my new favourite visual novels. I loved how it played out as a conversation, it made the choices so much more meaningful and really made me feel like I really got to know the 'monster'. You've managed to create such a beautiful atmosphere with the art and music, and I love all the unique option names (and hitting V was a hilarious little option). I was a little surprised to see the game had 9 endings to find despite the short run time, but each of them fit really well into the story and I loved replaying the game to get all of them (got the true ending on the first try and it was so heartwarming). Overall I had a lot of fun with this game and I have no doubt I'll be returning to it again. 

P.S. I've gotten all of the endings but there's one picture I just cannot find. Third row down, second from the right. Any hints you can offer? 

Oh that ending was a little bittersweet, but I loved reading this. I like how you always manage to add an extra bit of worldbuilding without detracting from the plot, and I'm enjoying the direction the story is going. Great work, can't wait for the next one. 

Just finished seeing all the endings, I'm so happy I got around to playing this. 

This is one of the best visual novels I have ever read and easily one of my all time favourites, I'm so impressed with how the story can effortlessly combine very unsettling horror with a deep emotional core. I love all three characters so much. Their designs are wonderfully expressive, all three of them are compelling and I enjoyed seeing how their relationships developed with each decision. The music also really adds to the atmosphere, it reminds me a bit of Pathologic's soundtrack and sucked me in from the moment the game began. 

I loved every moment of Ascension and I have no doubt I'll be playing it again in the future, you've created something truly amazing. 

I've had this installed for ages but never got around to playing it, so glad I finally gave it a go. Such an atmospheric experience in a beautifully creepy environment, I could happily explore in the submersible for hours on end. And that ending really caught me off guard. One of the best horror games I've played.

This was fantastic, extremely well written with a really engaging plot. You've built tension so effectively, giving enough detail to paint a picture without spelling everything out. I also love how much effort you've put into the layout of each page; all those small details like the ink stains, crinkle lines, and how it alternates between typed and handwritten all add to the atmosphere. Absolutely loved it. 

This was a very enjoyable read. Interesting concept and setting; I especially like the escalation of the house's description from unsettling to surreal. Your writing has quite a classic vibe to it, and while the ending felt a little over-explained it was a good twist. Great work, really glad I gave it a go. 

Another fantastic entry, Fynx and Grem are such wonderfully compelling protagonists. I can't wait to see what happens to them next. I really like how you add the world-building paragraph before the title, it feels like the opening narration to a tv show. 

Fynx and Grem are such a fun pair (really like how you've written their dialogue) and the story was very engaging; I love how you're able to create these small-scale, character-focused short stories that give just enough information about the world to make it feel real. Enjoyed it a lot, looking forward to reading the next part. 

This got intense very quickly, I love it! And I especially love how this seems to be building a bigger story without sacrificing the humour (especially with how smoothly you've incorporated elements from the previous episodes). Can't wait to see what happens next with Troka.

Just finished reading all four entries and I love this series so much, you get across a great deal of world-building in such a short period of time both with the setting and the characters. And the humour is fantastic, I laughed out loud at several points in each entry. Would love to see more from Troka in the future, she's now one of my favourite sci-fi protagonists. 

I had a lot of fun with this demo, the setting is quite different to anything I've seen before and all of the characters are fun and charming to interact with. I like the idea of having to keep your motive for being at the hotel a secret, it's not something I often see in RPGmaker games and I'd love to see how that's implemented into the gameplay. Definitely will be keeping an eye out for the full game.

Therapy With Dr Albert Krueger already made me a fan, but after playing this you are definitely one of my favourite developers ever. I love how much personality there is in this game, both in the writing and in the art-style, and the combination of point and click gameplay with visual novel story-telling is really engaging. I had so much fun playing and I cannot wait to experience what happens next :D 

That is without a doubt the creepiest intro to a horror game I have ever experienced. And it was a fantastic demo, you managed to create such a tense atmosphere without having to resort to cheap scares. Admittedly I did find myself wandering around a bit unsure what to do in some sections (though the sound cues helped me figure it out eventually) but I loved Angela Knife and I'm eager to see more of it in the future. 

You are officially one of my favourite developers.

I have just got the last ending to this game and I loved it! (Don't) Open Your Eyes was already the best horror visual novel I'd ever played, and yet somehow you topped it. The concept is so creative and is such a clever use of the medium, I found myself sucked in from the very first choice and genuinely feeling uncomfortable. Not gonna lie there were a lot of times I pressed the mute button before it became available because the radio voice was genuinely freaking me out and I wanted it to shut up. The writing was on point, everything felt so natural yet unsettling, and I especially loved how used the visual novel mechanics to give every character their own separate voice.

You said that you couldn't add as much as you wanted due to time constraints but this was still an incredible experience that you should be extremely proud of, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. 

I can honestly say that i did not expect the horses. This was a fascinating little experience, very well-made. I would love to see more done in this style.