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Well I was promised a slide in the wood and I definitely got that... and more. Very creepy game, amazing how much you could do with such a simple premise.

This was a lot more unsettling than I was expecting. Really effective slow burn horror, I like how we're not given any particular goal or objective and can just explore freely, especially as the use of the tools get introduced. I don't think I even saw everything in this area which makes me even more intrigued for the full game. And the ambience is... I'm still feeling uncomfortable even now because of how effective that was. The constant sound of scratching or possibly cracking had me looking around every time I heard it. I was so on edge when that 'thank you for playing the demo' message came up and I still don't really feel like that tension has gone. Will definitely be wishlisting this and keeping an eye out for the full release.

I love this! You've created another delightfully creepy experience that was so much fun to go through. 

The story is so simple but so effective, it's always astounding to me just how much you're able to do in such a short space of time. I love Allie, she's such a fun protagonist and did not deserve to see any of that. Also very fond of Clawdi (her reveal made me grin like an idiot). Enide was extremely fun, it's easy to see how Allie grew so attached to her and just her nonchalance over what she does is freaky but entertaining. 

Must admit the mini game caught me off guard and took a few goes to get the hang of, but it's cool seeing you explore new game mechanics and objectives in your games. The music and art are gorgeous as always, I will never get sick of these character designs or the Noiresverse in general. 

Love it, love it, love it! Thank you for continuing to make such wonderful games for us all to play.

Just finished playing the demo remake and it's awesome! I already adored the original demo but you've done so much, the backgrounds and increased use of motion graphics just looks gorgeous and I like how we got more of an opening this time as it gave some background to the main character. It does seem like the added opening means there's less happening once we're in the dream, I definitely remember some more options and creepy moments in the original demo that didn't show up here. However as it is a rewrite it makes sense not to be exactly the same, plus I'm hoping it means we'll get more of that in the full game. I'd forgotten how much I love this Jester but the moment he started speaking it all came flooding back. Then I saw the end and lost my mind because LOOK AT THAT ART OF HIM! I was already excited for the full game so this has only elevated that excitement, you've done a great job with the remake and I can't wait to see how the game develops.

This is such a cool idea, I haven't seen anyone doing a creepy cart racer before. The contrast between the cute aesthetic and the increasingly weird glitches was absolutely brilliant, and I loved how it kept adding new twists to the tracks. There were some incredibly unsettling moments here, "She doesn't want to talk anymore." definitely had me shuddering and that ending was just evil. My only potential drawback is that it jumped into the weirdness a bit too quickly, it may have been more impactful to perhaps let us finish a race as normal before things start getting strange, but that might just be me and it certainly didn't take away from the creativity and creepiness of all the tracks. Overall I had fun with this, absolutely amazing job.

Aw thank you, so glad you enjoyed it!

Your work has always been amazing so I knew I was going to enjoy this as soon as I installed it, and when I first started playing I was already in love. The art is beautiful as always and the characters are so fun and endearing, really found myself attached to Charlie and wishing they could like themselves more. There was already more than enough in those first twenty minutes for this to be a great game... but OH MY GOD! My jaw dropped the moment the credits rolled on my first go around and it stayed firmly on the floor as I discovered everything else. It's been a while since a game's caught me off guard that severely. AND THIS IS ONLY DAY ONE?! I am going to be keeping a very close eye on this game, it is utterly excellent.

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This is awesome! I absolutely love this game, everything works perfectly together. First off I love the art-style, there's so much personality in every sprite and image that adds so much to the atmosphere. The sound design is also incredible. And the story has so much suspense and intrigue, every new question has me hooked. All the characters are wonderful, Fourth is a great protagonist and I'm genuinely fond of each of the caretakers (almost feel bad for trying to go against them). Also Mother is genuinely one of the most disturbing fictional characters I've seen in a while, really felt uncomfortable every time she came on screen and I'm so curious to find out why she ended up like this. Can't believe how much content is just in the demo, and that's only a third of the full game? That's amazing, I'm already eager to see what the other choices offer and I am so excited to see more! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this.

Really cool concept, and very impressive how haunting you can make such a short experience. Would definitely love to see more done with this idea.

This might be my favourite of all of your games so far, once again you pack so much into a short but extremely unsettling experience. The fact that you keep building such great atmospheric games without monsters or chases really shows how incredibly talented you are. Got to say I really love how many of your games has this puzzle focus on doing tasks over and over, this one in particuar was weirdly satisfying and by the third day I was really getting into the flow of taking the samples. Felt like I could've kept doing it for hours. Absolutely brilliant. 

This is the most depressing game of battleships I've ever played, god I felt horrible by the end. Couldn't even bring myself to replay so I can try to win. Everything about this was so oppressive, absolutely brilliant work. 

I felt so satisfied when I finally beat the timer. And that satisfaction was immediately snatched away from me by the ending. Can't think of the last time I had such emotional whiplash from a game, that was extremely effective. I love how much story and atmosphere you're able to convey in such a short space of time.

That was probably one of the most effective ending jumpscares I've seen in a while, another short but really cool experience. I was surprised how quickly the crane broke, must admit I expected to have to draw the sample a few more times before going into the room but when I did it was very effective (did not do my arachnophobia any good). 

Finished playing through all the games in this collection and really enjoyed all of them, your work has such a compelling tone and atmosphere to it. You've definitely become one of my favourite developers. Going to comment on the pages for each individual game but just wanted to say the collection was put together really well, loved the menu design of putting games in the disc drive. And Tartarus Engine was a great game, reminded me of Infineural with the use of time dilation but on a much more immediately horrifying level. It took me a while to figure out what to do with inserting the device into the rack and the apparent time limit had me stressing a bit, but getting through it made the ending even more haunting. 

This was more unsettling than expected, I'm going to be thinking about this game for a while. Got the forget ending first and after I got the remember ending I did actually replay it to see if I could just walk away without ever going into the Infinural building at all; should've known that was never an option yet I still felt the urge to try. Despite the fact that you don't actually answer that many questions in gameplay somehow it did feel like I was there for ages (almost makes me wonder how it would feel if there were more questions to go through). Great game, really enjoying going through your work so far.  

Fantastic short horror game, it's amazing how unsettling an atmosphere you could create with such a simple setting. The match mechanic was really effective at making me feel disoriented, there were actually points where I was wondering if I'd been teleported somewhere or just turned around in the dark. Really enjoyed playing this. 

I really enjoyed this demo, short but sweet with an interesting world and story. The chemistry between the two main characters was very endearing. Anastasia's a fun protagonist and I am absolutely in love with Jaunus, very curious to learn more about him and his work. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for future updates. 

Wish I had a mop that cleaned that quickly.

This was a fantastic little horror experience. I've got to say I'm surprised how long it actually took for the scares to start happening but when they did they hit quite hard, and I thoroughly appreciate how quiet the first one was (think we stared at each other for ages before I dared to move forward). Love the variety with the endings too. Overall just a great game that was really fun to play. 

You know it is nice how the spirit keeps moving things out of the way so I can clean easier, it's a small gesture but not many people would even do that much so I appreciate the consideration.

Really enjoyed playing this, the powerwashing was very satisfying and there was quite an interesting little story going on through the notes. Good spooky atmosphere, can't say it was scary but there's definitely an unsettling tone to it. Maybe less jumpscares and more subtler moments would be better, but that may just be my preference (I found noticing the doll peeking at me between the curtains way worse than having her giggle and drop off the locker after knocking it down). Great demo, had fun replaying to get all three endings. Looking forward to seeing what else you can do with this concept.

My cheeks are actually hurting from how much I laughed while playing this. Becky is an absolute riot, I love her to pieces and I hope she's able to get more fertilizer for the soil of the centipede. And that poor Robber, if only he learned how to be a good guest. Short but sweet and absolutely hilarious, I think this is one of my new favourite visual novels. 

Somehow missed this for ages but very happy we get a sequel! And this was just as much fun to playthrough as the first game, I had such a big smile on my face all the way through. Forgot how much of an dick the protagonist can be while still being really funny. Buddy was quite cute, love their chaotic energy and how they tried so hard to be the best friend ever, but I did cheer when Cornerthing came back (I've missed them). Great game, I love your work so much. 

This was so cute! Had this installed for ages and finally got around to playing it. I really liked Spider and I'd love to see more of her, she definitely balanced well between adorable and creepy (kind of love her more 'spider-like' form, not gonna lie I was hoping to flirt with her looking like that). There was a surprising amount of variety with the choices and I like how your interactions all the way through affect the ending. So much work in such a short game, I really enjoyed exploring each different option. Great work, can't wait to see what else you come out with. 

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN! I wasn't really sure what to expect when I downloaded the game but I absolutely love the tone, it's both creepy and kind of hammy (especially love that main menu music). NauseAxe_404 was a fantastic start, having someone who knows you as the first monster was quite a neat twist. I loved going through all the options and seeing how many different ways there were to get him to leave his room, definitely adds a lot of replay options for the full game. And as intense as he was, I could probably do with that kind of motivation to get my own writing done (though I'll never do as good as that 100 page story, page 67 was an utter masterpiece). Great game, I cannot wait to meet all the other monsters. 

This is exactly what I was hoping for when I installed the game, it was so relaxing just wandering through the water and corridors over and over. Beautiful setting that makes it looks like I'm really there, and such a hypnotic atmosphere. It's so nice to get one of these games without any creatures or hints of something chasing you, just you and the pools. Very excited to see the other levels.

This was deeply unsettling to playthrough, the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Fantastic game.  

I can't believe it's over! God I loved this story so much, I could watch these characters just live their circus lives forever. Capella is one of my favourite protagonists ever and every member of the circus is wonderful (still ship Capella and Savannah so hard). The ending was absolutely perfect, it was the exact ending I wanted and felt so satisfying. Would love to see more of these characters (especially with what was said in the secret chapter) but I adore Semiquatic Circus and love it. You never fail to create incredible experiences with every game you make, thank you so much for bringing such great games into my life. 

Really enjoyed this, fantastic short experience that really works well with the Offenderman character; I love how you gave him personality while still keeping him genuinely creepy. The aesthetic was gorgeous, especially when everything got surreal with all the roses. It was very dark which made it hard to tell where I could go at times but I managed to get through it with trial and error. Got 3 endings, don't know if there were any others to get but I like the variety with all of them. Must get around to finishing the main Offender game some time but this was a really great little game and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

Just thought I'd let you know I did come across one odd error, not sure if anyone else had this happen. In two out of the three endings I got the character we play as was called Sean, but in the take the rose ending Offender called them Angela. Honestly it kind of freaked me out as that was the first ending I got and it's my actual name so I thought the game was reading my itch profile as a scare tactic, but with the newspapers and dialogue at the other endings saying Sean I wondered if it was actually an error.

This is already one of my new favourite games, and it's just a demo! What a fantastic experience, I was riveted from beginning to end. Adore the designs of all the imaginary friends, can't wait to meet the others shown on the title screen, and there's something haunting about how every other character is just a shadow shape. Really intrigued by the story, very interested to see where it will go. Will fully admit that the platforming section did start to get frustrating, it wasn't clear how much leeway there was with landing on things and having to rush led to a lot more failures that it should have done, but it doesn't change the fact that I loved playing this and I really cannot wait for the full game. 

Was not expecting that ending! Oh this was a fun experience, the actual cleaning was incredibly satisfying to do (not gonna lie I could play a whole game just doing that). But then all the little movements and sounds built up the horror to an ending that jumped out at me (literally and figuratively). This is an excellent short experience, I have no doubt I will be playing it again.

What a haunting game, I love finding games that can make me so nervous by doing nothing. No being chased, no puzzles, just me and the atmosphere. Every sound and setting was utterly perfect, bringing one of the best creepypastas ever written to life. The final scare took me out of it a tiny bit but that didn't take anything away from the incredible experience overall. You've made an amazing game.

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Just got all three endings and I loved every minute of it. I knew this game was going to be worth the wait but it has far surpassed my expectations, already eager to replay. Loved the supernatural elements, the writing for Crowe and Aspen was wonderfully endearing and I love the variety in the endings. Also I love that you actually gave the choice for either playing as Aspen or as a self-insert, I've never seen anyone do that in a visual novel before and it's a great touch to add replayability (can't actually decide which way I enjoyed playing more, would love to see this done more). Utterly wonderful game, definitely a new favourite of mine.

This was a lot of fun, really enjoyed going through this and getting all the endings. When I first downloaded the game I didn't expect any of the 4th wall breaking but it gave the story a very unique edge, every conversation and choice was fascinating to read through especially when I got to the secret endings. Zero has me intrigued and I'd like to see Xeno again. Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for future games, and keeping 'minune' saved for whenever that comes into play.

I adore this! Lorraine is now one of my favourite games, everything about it is delightful. Love the gothic design, especially on Lorraine herself, and the sound design is absolutely chilling (especially during that cat scene). Gamplay is simple but works for the story being told, and that ending was definitely unexpected. Fantastic experience, I'd love to play more games in this style. 

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Had this installed for ages but only just got around to playing it, I absolutely loved this demo. It's a really interesting concept for a survival horror game, which is what drew my attention in the first place, and you've created some really effective atmosphere. Love the design of the school environment and the character models are really good, plus excellent sound design. Enemies were a bit inconsistent with respawning, some of them only respawned after I saved and some of them respawned as soon as I re-entered the room they were in, but combat was pretty easy to get the hang of. Can't say it was really scary but it was definitely unsettling, especially with all the random camera flashes and seeing the world distort when using the breathing mechanic. Really really enjoyed playing this and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the full game. 

P.S. Please tell me Mochi will come back in the full game! I am now deeply attached to this kitty and I'm very upset that she didn't follow me out of the school and I just want to make sure she's ok!

Edit: So just went back and found the dev room, that was a neat little extra to include, looking forward to seeing what else you all come out with.

This was so much fun! Cornerthing is so delightful and the writing was brilliant, really enjoyed playing this.

You're not wasting my time at all, this is the first game I've ever released so any technical issues people have are definitely things I want to know about.

Just to double check, are you using windows or a mac? 

Thanks for letting me know. Did any specific error messages come up when you tried to open the .exe file or after you unzipped the .7z file? 

Your games never fail to surprise me in the most horrifying ways, and that's one of the reasons your my favourite developer.

I loved this so much, beautiful art and character designs as always and really effective use of sound. But the story absolutely knocked it out of the park. I had no idea where things were going from the moment I hit play but it was such a fun experience. I enjoyed how morally grey everything turned out to be, Lambchop's reasoning made a scary amount of sense and Stella's insistence on 'fixing' things was actually quite unnerving, especially with the wrong ending. 

Loved every minute of this game, will definitely be playing it again. 

I can't believe I missed this for a week, but I love it! You never fail to get me invested, this world already has me hooked. I adore the new roster of characters, fabulous designs as always (love the blinking animation, it's a small touch but it makes them come alive). Really looking forward to seeing how their routes develop (eagerly waiting for Savannah's route because I'm already in love with her). Pogo's route was delightful, such a fun character and I think the perfect choice to get us used to Capella's personality as well, the two have great chemistry. Capella is a really interesting protagonist, she's just so earnest and her reasons for running away already have me curious. Everything about this is great, it's so short and you've already done so much to make me love this setting. Can't wait to see new routes get released and see how the story develops. 

P.S. Netina on a date to the circus! That's such a cute cameo, I wonder if anyone else will make a surprise appearance. 

Ending 4 was my favourite.

Decided to give this a go after playing Sweet Dreams and it was just as awesome, it's cool seeing more of Cro (I love how he just plays along even though he clearly knows what's happening) and Petunia is really fun to play as. Loving what I've seen of your work so far and can't wait to see more.