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OMG i love this game!! I only played Soh's route and Isven's route (currently playing Lemos and damn I just love him lmao) but I had to leave a comment.. Not gonna lie, this is one of the best visual novels I have played squeee!! The art is just so realistic and cute, I love the face expressions and the mer- I mean seafolk clothing. 

And like all of the comments said, NOVA IS MY GIRL!! Her sarcasm? Personality? Looks? There aren't a lot of visual novel MCs that have such a stable and fun personality like Nova. Great job on her character! This also goes to other characters- pretty much everyone. They all have their unique self which I find really nice.

Keep on the great work! I can't buy the game because I'm only a student currently but the day I can use money on games, I am going to buy this. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a route to finish.

Also am I the only one who wants Pharaj as a love interest-


You know, ironically, I fretted over Lemos because I worried that he would be TOO snarky, but people?? love him??? LOL I tell you, as a creator, I worry for nothing sometimes. One of the best?! That's SUCH a compliment omg.  LOL YES, the very careful distinction.

Nova was someone I worried about too. She's not a re-nameable MC, she's got short hair and she's got such fire that I feel like OP isn't really good for self-inserting BUT I really wanted to write her story. I'm glad you like the characters!

Thank you for the support anyway! Comments like these really keep me going so I really appreciate it. ^^

Last but not least, I thought Ascha would be the character that gave everyone side-character syndrome. How surprising that it's Pharaj XDDDD. Thanks again for the kind words!