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the best short game ive played in a while oh wow

aww the game was so cute!! (The art style especially) everybody's little face expression was so cutee *spoiler alert??* And Noel's crush was so obvious ahaha I'm so glad he and Jonghyun gets together in the end

cute art aside, how the interpretations affect other characters was.. unexpected (in a good way!!). The way "lets go with whatever" options benefits Riley and Minhee with a strange turn of events was fun to watch ("the bAhaMAs??""now that you mention it.. my pARtnEr acTUAlly waNteD to go soMEwhERE trOPICAl!!") And I'm glad Riley and Minhee both get happy endings in the end, no matter what interpretation Jonghyun gives them :) they def deserve it

last but not least I would like to report an error(??): like in the screenshot , there were two or so scenes where the last line was hard to read bc it was overlapped with setting options.

((And I just have to ask, are Jonghyun and Minhee Korean names? I'm a Korean myself and I have to say that these sound too Korean for me XD 

Happy game-making and have a nice day :))

Ooh, thanks for clarifying the storyline! I can't wait till I'm old enough to use patreon I NEED to know more about Merritt and Belmont's relationship agggg XD currently devouring the first eight chapters I have access to and they are beautiful.

Also, thanks for the tip it helped a LOT! I almost gave up but thanks to you I got all achievements and they were so worth it.

Good luck on your future projects Bob!

probably going to be my longest game review because this is just me ranting/fandoming alone jeez

Bob. Oh my god this game was absolutely a jewel to play ashdhhh

Firstly, the game. I had a lot of fun playing this! The characters had deep rooted personalities and the humor moments (yes I mean Belmont in the kitchen) always brought out a laugh. Also I noticed that there were a lot of sprites in this game. There were a lot of different postures and animations for the characters to express different emotions, which I deeply appreciate. It made the game more fun. Also the CGs are absolute beauties I still swoon over them Overall, to me it seems that you really enjoyed making this.

*slight spoilers ahead*

I first went for the "Let's cook together"route but now "I'm cooking" is my favorite route cause who can give up on an opportunity to see Belmont being the sweetest husband boyfriend and Pogo and Samsid kissing

*slight complaint ahead*

I've unlocked all achievements except for "perfect after-party" and is replaying the game for the thirtieth time now just for that.. send help pls ;-;

*questions about this game and talking about DOTU overall*

so, Bob, if you were trying to promote DOTU through this game, you have succeeded- I was so mesmerized with the characters (yes mostly Merritt and Belmont's relationship) that I began reading DOTU a few days ago and it's so good!! The background, story, pacing, drawings, wording and personalities?? I can't say anything bad about it.

I, sadly, cannot be a part of Patreon since I'm only a student, so I'm only feasting on the free comic parts (which ends at Chapter 4, p 88). So I was wondering whether you are planning on releasing more pages in public or not, and how many chapters you have planned. Will the comic be partially publicly released as the comic advances? 

And about this game- You did mention that it was based on an AU- a future AU, something like a possible scenario set somewhere after the comic ended? Cause as someone who played this game first I was expecting some Belmont and Merritt moments and imagine my surprise when.. Merritt is actually a East Sphere solider atm.. and these two have more of a hate-hate relationship than I expected.. I just need a clarification whether I'm getting stuff right here.

And the fact that Merritt was the King in the game seems to be.. foreshadowing something... perhaps? 👀👀

anyway, that was everything XD sorry for rambling too much (its 3am here and i got a bit overboard i admit) good luck on everything and I hope we'll get more content about the good-looking blondie who is high-ranking-people-in-northern/eastern-sphere-sexual and his Queen of 3Bs


Happy new year, you guys are amazing, thank you so much, and stay safe :)

For some reason I had to play this game twice to fully understand it ;;-;; the wording is beautiful and heartbreaking when mixed with the light sadness in the overall atmosphere. great job, i love it

way too excited for this

I woke up to see this. Thank you for brightening my day.

Anybody else still waiting? It's gonna be March in about an hour in Korea lmao

Good night!!

!! I half screeched I'm in Korea too

Everybody is talking about staying up till nighttime and here I am chilling at 3:40 pm

Since we're all patiently waiting for ep 5... Tell me about your Traveler(s)!

I have three MCs: Stella, a blue skinned female Tilaari with purple hair, Estelle, a short non-binary Kit with an energetic personality, and Asteria, a human princess with long red hair.

same but here it's 1:10pm

Vexx and June probably, I feel like June's route would be.. very interesting

If you go through A6's official tumblr page, they mentioned that they didn't have a set time.


Wishing you guys the best of luck! I really hope this game gets enough funding. A battle royale themed visual novel is such a fresh idea.

WTNC was my first ever computer visual novel and it changed me a lot. I'm so glad you guys were able to come this far and get the spotlight you deserve. Keep on the fantastic work y'all



I feel you but calm down there lmaooo

You are queer, you are legit.

Even if you aren't queer, you are legit.

But if you don't support queer, I'll have to think about it.







(also as a Korean I very much appreciate making Min a Korean-American :DD)

Short, cute, and realistic (the masks part at least)

Monthly updates! New updates are always nice, plus it might just motivate you to work harder. You've said that this November was very 2020 for you- I hope you and your loved ones are fine and safe, and take your time- being optimistic about early 2021 release is making me hopeful too. And potential romance routes in Chapter 2!!! Can't wait to date my darlings the love interests :3

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ I'm rooting for you noto!!

Ooh so Bo and Ben were misgendering Vinny! Showing people making mistakes on  transitioning  is nice to see, it is a purely natural thing that doesn't show in visual novels often. Best of luck with the bugs and thanks for the reply :)

Aaahh!! I honestly can't wait for the full version and I also can't believe that nobody commented on this game bruh

Before I talk about the storyline- the bugs. I went with female+she/her Bo, male+he/him Kai, female+they/their Alex, and male+she/her (basically, transgender) Shay. First of all, in the Image Gallery, Shay shows as a female. Second bug- in the Replay Room Extra Scenes, Shay's sprite is female (with she/her pronouns) and sometimes Shay shows as "Beautiful Stranger", Alex as "Federation Officer", and Kai as "Angry Nerd". Third error- I don't know if this is a typo or intended- when Shay, Bo and Ben talks about Vinny,  Bo says "Haven't heard from him in years though." and Shay says "She does go by a different name... she's still an idiot." Is Vinny genderfluid? (I'm not sure whether this is how genderfluid works but..)

Now on the gameplay. Pretty decent, personally I would love to see more action but I'm not complaining about the current one. Overall everything seems smooth, I'm curious how this game will take shape once it's fully developed. I think I took every path I could so far and I can tell you for sure that Kai giving Bo a plant is so cute agahgfdhjs

Long story short- wow this comment became much longer than I expected it to be- keep on the amazing work, as a supporter and a part of the lgbtq+ I want to thank you for trying and doing representation of various genders and sexes by making it customizable (and for the Developer's Note, really moved my heart), and good luck with everything. Stay safe!

Felt like small happiness dabbed here and there. Cute and heartwarming, but I couldn't go back home to unbottle the memory and enjoy it full. 

I feel you man, I feel you.

Finally, my days of checking andromeda six's page every day paid off.. Can't wait for the next episode, I found out this game two weeks ago and this is one of the very few visual novels that is in a high quality in pretty much every area- I'll be patiently waiting for Episode 5, man I can't wait till Stella (Traveler) will have to comfort June with his mental breakdown..

asghdag THE TWIST WAS PERFECT!! Lana's "Holy fu-" was exactly what I was thinking lmaoo.  I also liked the mini games- made me feel like I was actually Elliot/Lana baking. Overall the story was cute and fun to play,  and fact that Lana learns to get over rejection was a nice, fresh bonus. but that end why that end I get it that we're just a side character but i'm still not over how Elliot just broke the fourth wall like that

I'm looking forward the modern au version being made for this year's yuri jam >:3

Can't wait till episode 5 comes out, this will be the only thing on my mind for a while :3

This game gave me chills! I expected it to be a sweet visual novel but it was much darker than I thought.. Wish we could know more in detail about what exactly happened, but I also think the game's mysterious aura could be made because it was vague. Keep up the good work, I really liked it!

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Oh man I loved this game!! Aimee and Celena are both so cute~ I think it was nice to see a visual novel dealing with relationship problems, we don't  have a lot of them. Also one of my favorite parts was when Aimee had preferences. By that, I mean that Aimee will react positively to some food even though you totally messed it up but some food she'll hate though it is made well because it just isn't her type. I believe this made the game much realistic.  Oh also- just like a comment a bit down below mentioned, I think it would be better if the choose-the-ingredients part had a visual way for the player to know it. So we can un-select ingredients and there are some people like me who play games with all music& sound muted, yknow? Anyway, it was a really cute vn, I hope to see more of these from you!

Also the comic was so friggin cute!!!

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The story is so cute and sweet! I loved the art style (for both the background and character sprites). I would definitely love to see a continuation of this universe/content, and I wish we could know more about other characters' family/personal lives like we could with Xin :3 Anyway, great game :)

Ooh also, error report- Harriet's name should be ??? before Nell gets "officially" introduced to her in class, but it shows as Harriet when Nell talks to her in the halls. (There was one scene like this, if you need a screenshot I'll try to take one)

Ah, the game jam had a restriction of 1,000 words huh? Didn't know that, thanks for telling me. If that is the case I bet you guys will be able to make longer, better and deep visual novels well! I'll be looking forward more of your works ~ Keep up the good work, y'all have my support!

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So freaking cute...Everything was so adorable and melted my heart... DM is my fav but I want the President as a teddy bear