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Yeah, I kind of felt like the above poster. I was thinking something more like the management of like Majesty where you don't have direct control. Personally i think it would be cool if you could just allot land to a peasant for a specific task like farming and it was up to them to manage it and the only way you control it is by dictating what taxes you want. low taxes maybe they invest more in their house or something, high taxes less so, maybe you demand taxes paid in wheat or carrots which might affect what they grow.

and you were just responsible for building your own manor. which i think would offer interesting gameplay, you have to extract from the peasants to acquire resources to build your own castle/manor whatever, which creates interesting friction.

But it's not my game obvi and im sure you have your own vision and all this being said, I'll probably still play it when it comes out.

Hello! Thank you for very valuable feedback! This has been popping up especially recently so it is certainly on my mind. I would love to give players a lot of possibilities for self expression and creativity but I also want to emphasize the lord experience that does not fly in the way of micromanagement. Currently I'm thinking of making that optional, so villagers could be autonomous in planning their own buildings but players could also lay down plans like you are used to from Rimworld. I will have to do some playtesting before I fully commit to this idea :)

Thank you for the quick and thought out response, Happy to just put in my 2c if you need anybody to help play test future releases just let me know. :)