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I really like it, I've played a similar game when i was younger  and i allways wanted a bigger game like this, in fact i was making a similar game in GODOT.

Allthough there are two things that could use improvment.
In one of the tutorials it is said that i can rescue missing pilots, but in normal game i've never found one (they aren't implemented yet or am I blind). And the other thing is that instantly loosing controll after ejecting from my heli is very frustrating. Well not the fact that i loose it, but the fact that the enemy infantry is still shooting at me (Geneva convention morons, you can take me prisoner but not kill) and i can't defend myself. Very frustrating when there is like one guy left.

But other than that it is amazing. I've read that you are making a more polished version and i am definetly looking forward to playing it.

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Glad you like it! The missing pilot appears from sky with parachute after completing certain days. (2 on very easy, 3 on easy, 4 on normal, 5 on hard) he is not displayed on radar and you must find him yourself, if you find and take him to base you can earn an extra pilot.

Enemies shooting you after losing control is definitely frustrating, I agree. I'll make a small patch so infantries won't attack you if you lost little bird.