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I really enjoyed this new patch although i have a few this things to say firstly wtf with the bullets. i cannot burn down the creepy village without any bullets, secondly its a really fresh start to the previous version yes it needs more work but i am impressed with where its heading for sure.

How do u even manage to get the game to start? the menu will not accept any inputs it´s unplayable , literaly speaking

have you got a decent graphics card??

GTX 980 ti - Core i7 3.9 GHz -Win 10 and 16 GB Ram l can run games the likes of Half Life Alyx in high settings with no issues at all

hey dude i have no clue i have gtx 2060 with an i9 and i can run any game i want but for some reason this game is not working well with peoples computers which is so dam odd.


This game is not working period , all people l know had issues , for me the game starts normally but after the level loaded 100% it won´t register any inputs what so ever