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Der Grossmann

A member registered Jun 12, 2020

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same here

Same issue here

This game is not working period , all people l know had issues , for me the game starts normally but after the level loaded 100% it won´t register any inputs what so ever 

GTX 980 ti - Core i7 3.9 GHz -Win 10 and 16 GB Ram l can run games the likes of Half Life Alyx in high settings with no issues at all

How do u even manage to get the game to start? the menu will not accept any inputs it´s unplayable , literaly speaking

l can´t start the game it won´t aknowlage any imputs , so basically is unplayable , please fix it

Still waiting for the insta death bug fix 

l asked the same like a month ago it appears the developer abandoned the project ,at least that's what l think l hope l'm wrong though

The same happened to me and it's very annoying , l hope they fix it but by the looks of it the developers seem quite inactive when it comes to replying user comments

Please fix V 1.4.1 the insta kill glitch is constant and very game breaking

l play a lot of early access games and glitches like the ones here are to be expected ,it's up to the devs to patch it up , the game itself has a lot of potential it has uniqueness to it

l don't have a Discord account ,l was hoping the developers would patch the game to fix the annoying insta kill bug l truly love this game but at the current stage it's borderline unplayable

here´s my playthroght ( edited )

l´m having the same issue and so far no words from the developers

l´m getting insta killed all the time ,l dunno how to go back to V 1.3.0. which was the most functional

How do l downgrade back to V 1.3.0 ?

l´m getting insta killed in recent version 1.4.1 every time to the point it becomes borderline unplayable ,l love the game please fix