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i gain ultra level on YV and it wont let me return to the map in the mansion

What version are you playing and what was the previous area before you entered the mansion?? And you are talking about the crib right not the scrapyard car mansion thing?

it's the frozen city, and im talking about the crib, yes

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What version were you playing? And what subarea?

Latest version, 3rd

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This doesn't happen to me. Are you sure that you are playing update 6? Did you destroy or did you get in the car?

I leveled up, picked the faster fire rate ultra, go to the mansion, and then im stuck in there, if i get in the car, ill go back to the mansion, if i destroy it, i go back to the mansion

ill try to record it and show u and i downloaded the file from this website itself, so im guessing thats its update 6