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Hey Euris! Really great concept, I love that you've stuck with the Starducks brand for a while now.

I have to main points of feedback, albeit one is a bit more of a bug report. I think the game could stand to have more cups within a short period of time, as right now it doesn't feel like a "rush hour." I think you could really nicely adapt this to a level based game and have this be a starting level, with ones further down the line throwing things at you much faster. As for the aforementioned bug, it is possible to spam the spacebar while a cup of coffee is under the players hand to get additional points. I've managed to get like, over 150 points from one cup alone. 

With all that said, your art is amazing, with the particle effects being a particular highlight, and your choice of music fits the mood really well. Great job!

Thanks Miles,  I didn't know  you can just hold  down the button and get points that way. I'll keep that in mind for future bugchecking. Thanks again for the feedback!