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Hello Santiago Fernandez, love the pigeon POV! I think the camera movement is a really nice touch as well! The art is hecking good as always! I think this game from the treats being a little bit more responsive, they come out a little after the button is pressed. I also wanna echo what Phillip said with the pigeons flying to you the more treats you put out. Over, the vibe is very nice, thanks to the audio you went with. 10/10 would feed pigeons again!

Hello Jore-dan, this game is hecking cute, simple, and intriguing! I like the concept, art, and how you control the pigeon's hand(feathers? wing??)  I simply cannot beat my pigeon companion, they are simply too good at this game. The game is fun and simple. As someone who uses WASD for all games, it was a little challenging to use the control scheme given, I would suggest a scheme like Q,W,E,R, and Space -- but that's just me and my wacky idea. Great job overall, please make a comic about pigeons!

Creative take on the prompt, Gen! I think the way you've structured the game is very cool, the illustrations are neat,  the sounds are calming, and the dialogue is intriguing! Something I think would be interesting is different lines of dialogue for each playthrough, so that way if I want to restart, I have to talk to everyone again instead of rushing to the portal to pick the correct answers on that playthrough. This is a very strange and minor thing, but when the witch is talking, she's talking on a plain background, I would like to see something there, like a drawing, a picture, or even the trippy backgrounds that the Mother games use when fighting enemies. Other than that, solid work!

Woah, Gabi is good at art (who knew)! I love the wonderful illustration, selection of sounds, and the day/night cycle. I think it would've been cool to be able to directly interact with the things I'm seeing. Kind of like those old interactable wallpaper games where you click on some particular object and then a little animation will play. That's all I can really say, great job, gabs (who is good at art). In fact, I will stay for the nice rain noises.

Luna! This is a wonderfully creative meta game! The keyboard switch was a good idea, I love the little animation you had (very simplistic and I love your style)! It felt so weird playing this, I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen, I even felt a little entranced by having my eyes closed and following commands. Very surreal experience all around. I don't even know where to begin to critique, where do I comment on a game that's this well thought out?

I suppose more commands would be interesting, but I can see that getting difficult for the player to manage. 

Solid and creative game experience overall, now I want to see you make a comic series in this style.  Excellent job!

Yo Claire, this game is really creative, thought provoking, and funny! The overall vibe of the game is great, thanks to the music, sound effects, and visuals. I think the way the meters work is really cool, as well. The prompts that were given are well written and fun, however, I did get a few back to back repeats. I was a little confused at first with what my task was, but I figured it out pretty quickly, I suppose a small written tutorial in the game would help! All I can really say is that this game could benefit from more! Not to say that what you have here isn't enough, I just want more of this game, I wanna see where it goes with more time dedicated to it, great job!

Dang, Isabella! This is great, a whole rhythm game! Love the music and the art, those two fit together very well. As for feedback, I thought how you handled giving the player feed was clever and creative, I think it could've used just a little bit more, maybe some small sound or something visual? The colliders for the game felt a little off, there were times where I was certain I got the timing right but I actually didn't. Then again, it could just be me sucking at rhythm games. That's all I got, overall very solid entry!

Jordan, you're absolutely nuts! I've always wanted to be a fish escaping from my captors! I think you did a good job with the setting and mood, I feel like I'm playing one of those arty indie games. The controls felt a bit off when I was turning, it felt like I was being pushed by the water, not sure if that was intended. I thought finding the exit was a bit easier than expected, I think it would've been cool to maybe find some kind of object to open the exit perhaps? Nonetheless, great job, Jordan!

Dang, Cooper. You really got me there. I was sitting there playing the game, listening to Shooting Stars, then I see the end screen and now I'm learning about the futility of life. Crazy stuff. It was a little unclear what I was supposed to do at first, but I started to understand soon enough. Maybe there could've been some more feedback when the small objects hit the border of the playfield, like a sound or explosion? I think it was neat how after reading the essay on philosophy, you still showed me my score, really clever, I wanted to go back to see how much more I could keep up my meaningless nonsense. Thanks for the existential crisis, Cooper!

Howdy Gabs! I got quite a big stack (impressive, I know). The objects have some good weight to them, they're super responsive! I thought it was clever how you could travel the world the higher you stack. I noticed that you lose when you go to the sides of the screen, I think you could benefit from having the physics be more difficult, like having objects slide each other if you place them wrong. Perhaps a timer could've been added to test how has you can travel the world. Good job, otherwise, Gabs!

LUKE! You've come through with the chill games once more! The game feels really nice to play, I like the movement, it feels floaty but in the good way (cuz you're underwater and all). The game looks and feels great, excellent song choice! I think the game would've benefitted from some kind of light objective, maybe collect a certain number of a certain type of colored fish perhaps? Regardless, great job Lucas, keep it up.

Yo Nate! This is indeed better Doom! I love how closely it feels to the original. You were able to do so much with such little resources, it's frankly impressive! One thing I would say needs work is some of the game feel. At first, it was a little unclear whether or not I was shooting. The game could've benefited from some sound cues, but when your options are so limited, I think the game is as good as it could've been, especially with the time allotted. Good stuff!

Woah! This is awesome!!! Amazing job with the atmosphere, Ethan. The music, visuals, sound effects, and gameplay are all top notch! You're a one man game development machine!! The only thing I would say is I wish there were more things to spawn, like a bucket, or maybe you can make a sandcastle or something like that. But what we've got here is plenty, fantastic job!

Thank you for reminding me of my teenage years, Ron, very cool. Clever and simple concept of the nightmare of of being the parent of a teenager. Song choice is A+. On aesthetics, I am happy to see you've gotten more comfortable with your art skills and can't wait to see what that ultimately leads to.  I think you could benefit from some GAME JUICE here, like some sounds or a small animation of the character reacting to my button inputs. What if there's a way to stop poor earl from becoming goth... Anyways, good stuff here, son!

Yo Claire, this is an excellent game! Your art and animation is always on point. The city ambience is a really nice touch! The game is a little sad to play, while being homeless, you're trying to care for a cute cat -- it's depressing but in a good way, if that makes sense. As for critiques, the money system might be a bit cruel. There were times when I lasted a long time without getting any money and my cat ran away. It feels like I'm at the mercy of the money system, which makes sense on paper, but feels a little strange to play with in practice. Maybe there's a way to get money, albeit little amounts of it? Regardless, great job! Keep up the good work.

Yo Jordan! This game is super duper clever, a much needed light twist on the "virtual pet" genre! Your art is (as always) super good. Though there isn't loads of animation or spectacle, the visuals and sound go a long way. The mechanic is very interesting and fun! There were times when I pressed the button but it wouldn't register and then I would get a strike, which was a little strange. As far as potential things to add, I think it would be fun to make use of more keys on the keyboard (i.e. more actions for the slime to do), but I'm not sure how many more things a pet slime can do. Simple, pretty, and fun -- excellent work!

Hey Phillip! This was a big punch in the gut, I didn't want to say goodbye to Max :( The atmosphere and overall vibe works really well. The sound effects, music, and animations are really sweet. Your writing is very clever, I would've never expected this, it's super meta. I'm a big fan of horror, it would've been interesting to see how things would've panned out if you went down that route. By the end of the game, I wanted to continue feeding Max to see if any other dialogue would show up, I was very attached. I also wanted to feed Max different snacks, but macaroons will do! Fantastic job, I look forward to your next games!

Very impressive! It's such a simple premise, yet so addicting. I kept wanting to go back and beat my high score! I finished at like 500ish. The ball hitting the boards feels super satisfying to me and the physics feel just floaty enough to give you time to react and cycle through your colors for the incoming board. The aesthetic is nice, I like the colors you went with, as well. Great song choice, really fits! I think you could possibly add a different song for every new color that's introduced -- just an idea! Maybe even to ramp up the difficulty a bit, the ball could get just slightly faster with each new color? These are the only ideas that come to mind on areas of improvement -- this is a solid concept and great execution!!

What's up Arjun, this game is ridiculous! It's absolutely stunning and it's giving me some major Seven Samurai x Persona vibes and I love it! I wanna see you come back to this game at some point and add a level system or something like that to expand the game, because I want more of this! I think going back to the title screen after you start playing feels a little slow and I want to be able to immediately go back to slashing. Just a minor timing thing. Good theme and sounds, extremely satisfying to play!

Lucas Lin! This game feels great, the vibe (haha get it) you went with is super chill -- the music, the drum, and overall aesthetic is super relaxing. Playing this game made me realize the tough job a drummer has, so kudos to you for helping me arrive to that conclusion. I think it would've been interesting to see other instruments or beat elements introduced into the song, and you kinda have to find a way to fit the drum beat into the song. However, I think this could go against the vibe you were going for, but it might be something to consider in case you wanna revisit this. Great vibes, would vibe again.

This game is hilarious! I love that you went with the Happy Tree Friends theme song, the artstyle is great, and the movements are buttery smooth. I was able to be happy at my job for about 1:30s. Your game dances the fine line between not being too hard, but not too easy, it got really intense towards the point where I had very little happiness and little of my boss' patience. The only thing I would say could use some work is how the boss moves. In the games I played, he was off the screen for such a short amount of time that it never felt like I was able to build up happiness as fast as I built up my boss' patience. But with what we've got here, this is a great game with an interesting theme and style. I applaud your work once more!

These are some great suggestions, thanks Gabs!

Thanks Miles,  I didn't know  you can just hold  down the button and get points that way. I'll keep that in mind for future bugchecking. Thanks again for the feedback!

That sounds like a great idea, I should've gone with that! Thanks for the feedback!!!

Hey Luna! The game runs very well and feels great! I like the indication of the Day/Night patrol -- it's a nice little detail to add some flavor from the original game. I ran into a minor collision problem, when I grazed past a tree I was sure I wasn't gonna hit, I ran into it. I like the cat theme and sound effects! An exceptional clone overall!!!

I think your clone of the game feels a whole lot better than the original! It runs super smoothly and the collisions feels good.  I think the game could benefit from some sound cues, and Arjun brings up a good point with the Day/Night transition, otherwise, great clone!

Hey Ron, the accuracy to the original is spot on, excellent stuff! Overall an exceptional clone. I like the intro sequence because the rat flips over dead instead of snapping into a death pose! When I'm fullscreen there's some UI issues, but otherwise great job!

I like how fast the game feels, definitely an improvement over the clunky controls of the original game. Even though it doesn't have the original (needless) UI elements of the game, it still nails the feeling of Deus Ex Machina! Good stuff!