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Thanks so much to both of you, glad you liked it. :D
About the issues, the hitboxes on the player and enemies are at their lower halves/ends (for a 2/5D feel), that's why you had the mirror issue at points where it was placed lower on the Y axis. I guess I should give it a bit of an increase to make other mirrors a bit easier to smash xD
Pickups are "floating" and therefore their hitboxes are over their entire surface.
The calendar bug is probably a result of me messing with randomized values, it was not meant to be that random, only within a small range. I'm still learning Construct 2 so stuff like this can still happen, thank you for pointing it out. :) It was fine while I was testing (probably just happened to be in the range?) hence this upload, without me knowing about the issue xD
Munguia, the rabbit told me it had 4 feet and they didn't bring it any luck so I left it alone xD