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I just replicated the bug. Walk at the corner and not the door and Woolie will continue walking through the wall instead of despawning and will transition to falling indefinitely.

I tried it in the Unity editor but couldn't replicate it. I'm curious, do you know how high your FPS were? If I know whether it was relatively high or low I can at least rule out a previous problem that I thought I had fixed.

Also, you said the room had started to transition. Could you tell which room it was transitioning to? If so, was it the library or the bottom floor? It's possible, even likely, a trigger might have been a bit too wide and caused a weird placement with a collision bug.

Either way, I'm a bit busy with a new project currently, so I'm not sure when (heck, even if) I get around to fixing it. That depends, was this only when you walked into the corner specifically, or did it happen even when you walked straight towards the stairs or the door? 

Hoping it's at least not a severe bug, but at least I'm aware of it now. Thank you for putting the time in and telling me about it. I appreciate it!

I hope you're otherwise enjoying/enjoyed the game.

My FPS may have been around 30

I was running under best quality assuming that it wouldn’t be too harsh on my average PC considering the simplicity of the character models and such

If you’d like, I can record a replication and send it to you somewhere?

Also, I enjoyed it, but I had some nitpicks with the game. I’m not familiar with this style of game so I’m assuming these nitpicks were intentionally implemented to emulate that style, which in this case worked perfectly as intended, so I commend you on that lol

Just recorded the replication (Going for Ending C while I’m playing again since I got lost previously and just watched Woolie play the game for Ending C)

It seems walking into that particular corner breaks the collision somehow, and Woolie walks out of the bounds of the room, so to speak, resulting an indefinite freefall.

I also tried this with other doors, and from what I’ve tried the issue only persists here

Really weird, but as I said I couldn't replicate it. It's good that you specified it was the collision and not the actual warping between rooms that did it, as that's another potential can of worms. I'll have to chalk it up to how I handled Unity's collision (or maybe the collision system itself, I dunno?). If more people mention it in the future, I'll go back and at the very least make some kind of workaround.

I wouldn't mind nitpicks, to be honest. This project was done mostly so that I could learn more about making a game after all. While I wouldn't be surprised if people have already mentioned them, it's still good to listen and for me to think about it for the next time I take a shot at this specific genre.