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It's the beginning of something lovely. The aesthetics and feel are top-notch.

A little more player guidance would be helpful. I got through the first door then wandered aimlessly for a few minutes (it didn't make sense to me that the way I got through one door didn't work on the others). Then a creature dropped a new recipe on death for a blue potion seemingly at random. I had to spend five minutes grinding to get enough grey squares to craft it then I used it in a location that I thought it might help at, only to find out that it didn't and I had a time limit to do something that I wasn't sure of. I turned it off in frustration after that because I couldn't face grinding for grey squares again.

HOWEVER - I did love it when I felt like I was really playing the game and making progress. One of my favourites so far. The reason I moan a little above is to give you some useful feedback because I'd love to play a finished version.