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Tags works reasonably well with this one. You might need to name the files afterwards (or not, maybe it's just fine to have them numbered)

Thanks for the reply, but I think I may have miscommunicated what I wanted.

What I meant was whether it's possible to obtain individual frames for the fireball thing in the gif. 

I don't see it in the downloadable files (industrial.v1 and industrial.v2) or in the .love particle example. I don't have a program to open the .lua file so I have no idea if the individual frames are in that.


I see.

<- this is the only image used to draw the fireball. There are no animation's frames, and there never was. The effect is generated in the runtime.

I remember I have taken a look into making a frame-by-frame animation out of that. I struggled with making it loop convincingly. I gave up because even if I'd succeeded the effect would be much worse then just using particles.

You can learn how to achieve such results by searching for something like "particle effects $YOUR_ENGINGE_OF_CHOICE" - you'll end up with better results and it'll be less work.

Do learn how to do particles!

You might think that frame-by-frame animation is all you need and you can achieve the same effect with it, or maybe that it's simpler conceptually or something else.

Nah, don't listen to those thoughts, just learn particles! They make you a better game developer like instantly. They are more flexible, easier to do (once you go through one tutorial), faster to create, no need to talk to artists to achieve great results! What not to like? The more particles in a game the better it is.

Pinky promise!

You write own engine? Add particles! Even a simple one is better then none. Science confirms that engines with particle systems are 98% happier, 84% more awesome, and 43% less likely to die from not being used!

: )

a.d. LÖVE - you've mentioned .lua file so I assume you've figured that the .love file is just a zip. .lua is a text file you can open with any text editor (or ide). I don't think it'll be much of use to you though.


Ahhh okay I get it. Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. I use Stencyl as an engine and I'll definitely try to use particles in it. And yeah, the .love file isn't of any use to me. Thanks anyway :D