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I played this because I really liked your use of the Kenny asset pack in OOPS: Octopus Only Postal Service, which was the most creative design I saw in MizJam1.

You used many of the assets from the same pack, but in a very different way. Great job!

It's quite an ambitious story for such a simple setup but it delivers very well for a Jam Gam.

I enjoyed "Winter" as a character; really sold it as the personal story it seems to be from your Info section. Depression is a personal experience and telling the story as such fits well.

Nice job matching the audio to the mood after the  club scene. The choice at the end isn't 100% clear you even have a choice; which is exactly how anxiety and depression presents itself for a lot of people. 

It might enhance the atmosphere by using dynamic post-processing throughout to color-shift the game to be more muted when Zel's mood is low, and apply a faint vignette to create a sense of claustrophobia when she's feeling trapped. 

If this is new to you and you want a link to a tutorial on how to implement these let me know, I couldn't find a Brackeys one that isn't out of date. The video below though does include what they can do.

Great job overall! Looking forward to your next game.

Nice to see you again!

Yeah, I really like this asset pack. I haven't found many free pixelart packs that have this many tiles and are as versatile.

Winter was fun to make! I had more cameos with her where she'd put more pressure on the player, but couldn't make them in time. It looks like the minimum amount of cameos still conveyed the intention though. :) It's nice to hear you interpreted her as intentioned.

Same goes for the ending. It really straddles the line between clear and unclear, and I'm still trying to figure out how to translate unclear emotions like mental health to clear game instructions. The player can end up missing a lot depending on how they interpret the ending!

I totally forgot Unity had post-processing effects xD. That's such an awesome idea - thanks for the advice.

Overall, thanks for the comment and thanks for playing <3!