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Shipwrights is aggressively bespoke.

It's an rpg where you mail a paper boat back and fourth between two or more people, adding something to it every time.

The PDF is 7 pages, with an approach to layout that I think I've only seen in this game and nowhere else. The rules are written on a piece of paper, which is arranged with some other objects on a desk, and then photographed. The photograph is the PDF page.

It all feels weird and organic and grounded and I'd love to see another game take a crack at this style. It feels like there's a lot of potential, especially if the layout is standardized a little so that the writing surface is mostly in the same place from page to page.

Mechanics-wise, Shipwrights feels like it might be a lyric game, where the intent is to read and be affected by it rather than to play it, but it's also perfectly playable. If you don't have anyone you especially want to mail a boat to, you could also set it loose by leaving it on a bus station bench---although I probably wouldn't include any kind of return directions in your boat if you do that.

Overall, Shipwrights makes a heck of a visual impression, and it's an interesting game besides. If you like cool games and cool layout, I would urge you to check this out.


What a fantastic review for this game!  I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly and I can't wait to start this game with someone :)