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Thanks so much, that did work a treat!

But, I did want to say for the record, the original PDF is also quite stunning and I love the design of it :)  But I'm SO SO glad to have this printer-friendly option too.  I'm super excited to play!  It'll be my first ever solo journaling RPG :)  I'll come back and leave a review after I finish.

Thanks again for the prompt reply and solution!

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Wow!  I love this idea so, so, so, so, so much!  I've printed it out and skimmed through it and I laughed so hard at how clever the writing is :)  

Thank you so much for this little gem in what has been rather dreary times.  Who would've thunked I would have said that about a game about being a necromancer? Haha :D

Ah, I do want to point out what may be one possible error.  In the Craigslist ad, you mentioned "life ichor" when life is one of the "banned" words... unless that was intentional.  If so, carry on :P

Ah, I'm looking forward to the printer-friendly booklet version! :)  I'm so excited to try it!

What a fantastic review for this game!  I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly and I can't wait to start this game with someone :)

Hiya!  I just purchased this game and I'm super excited to play it :) It really looks great!

 But, I'm wondering...Erm.. is there any way to get a printable copy of the PDF?  I don't always have access to a PC or electronic device, so it would be amazing to have a hard copy :)

Hi!  It seems like you're out of community copies!  Could you please replenish them? ^^;;;

hi! I’m unsure how to message you all, the twitter account listed doesn’t even exist! :( anyways, I’d like to give this game a try, but there are no community copies available. Could you top it off so I can give it a try? :)