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I played the android version and what I can say is there's a lot of potential for this game! I love the pixelated designs and I hope you'll add a backstory and some various enemies in the future. Will be looking forward on what this game would be in the future and will definitely play again :)

Also, made a gameplay about it;


Thank you very much for playing our early-released 1 level game on android. I was laughing on the funny title you set! :D 

Rergarding the story, the aliens, the number of levels and some crafting potential: definetely, we are going to expand and improve. But I also made some notes based on your gameplay comments. :)

Concerning android control it is still a question, at least we put already 2 options to choose, but it seems it is still not perfect. 

Anyway, I will keep you informed about upcoming updates (actually performing an internal tests for the next level). Thanks again.

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Hey, the update is out now. EDIT: also for Android