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Really fun game, took a while to beat but I did it.  Found a bug where the high score isn't recorded when you win, only when you lose.

I think the game would be easier to play if all colored blocks below the one you're burning would count towards the timer.  As far as I could tell, the yellow and green cubes did nothing for my red timer while it was going down.  

I liked that the red cubes were useless once I let the red timer run out, and the yellow were useless once you let yellow run out.  But I think that appreciation would be stronger if the yellow and green weren't useless while I was working on the red timer, and instead added to the red timer when picked up.  That way the punishment is that much more obvious when you're counting down on yellow and now only the yellow and green cubes help you with the red being ones you avoid.

Yeah I noticed that bug. I didn't actually complete the level very often during play testing so didnt notice it until it was too late to fix :)