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okay, i NEVER expected to love this as much as i do, to be honest.
i haven't played all of the friendship routes yet, but--- i'll do it soon.

I'm going to start with the fact, that... i was a bad player and didn't listen to the proper order of routes. I was too angry at Ikki and Toshio in the prologue, after all.

So, I started with Yuta's route.
And I loved every second of this route.

Then I played Haru's route, and I fell in love even more.

What surprised me was the fact, that I actually really liked Ikki's route.

Toshio's ending is a bit... problematic, I guess? It wasn't bad but it didn't really change anything within Toshio, at least for me?

Kenji's and Ryu's routes were the most surprising for me. I thought I was ready for Ryu, because of all that build-up from other routes, but still... 

The only thing I can complain about is how suddenly they all end, like, just POOF, Sweet end. However, I know that it's not easy to make a game like that.

Despite that, it was a pretty good game, probably would replay in a few months?

Thank you for playing and loving the game ! <3
Haha yes, the abrupt endings... I'll try to fix it for the remake, for it to be more pleasant because it annoys me as well xD
I didn't figure out how to smooth it properly... (> x>)
But I'm happy you like it overall and hope you will like the future games as well ~

Thank you for your feedback and kind comment ! (^ o^)/