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Thank you, I'm happy you loved it ! 💖
And yes ! I'm planning of doing a second game, with Ikki's little sister as the MC (she'll be in her mid-20's) ~
The project isn't really in development yet as I'm planning of making a remake of the current game, so it might take a rather long time before its release x)

Haha I totally get what you mean xD
"Unfortunately", the main cast and MC from Fujiwara 2 won't be the same so there will not be any jealousy scenes between Aya and the male leads (> w <)
Hopefully you'll like it nonetheless💖

Thank you for the kind words ! And I'm so happy to hear you count it as one of your comfort games too 💖

Happy it did 💖

Thank you for playing and loving the game !💖
Yes...after a lot of feedback about Haru, I decided that I would make things more clear and said earlier in the game (also in Haru's profile) for the remake to avoid any misunderstanding. Hopefully I'll be able to make something more enjoyable this time for this route. I'll try my best at least✨
Thank you again for loving Haru nontheless, it means a lot for me !🌼✦

Thank you for loving the game this much ! I'm happy you ended up liking Toshio and relate to Yuta somehow ~
Thank you again for the kind words, it means a lot to me and motivates me to work on the remake 💖

Thank you, happy you loved both the art and story !💖✨

Thank you for the kind words ! I'm glad you loved Yuta and Haru's routes and hope you will enjoy the new content/remake as much as you liked the current version of the game once it releases 💖✦

I hope you'll like it then ~
Though it might take some time to be released, so please bear with me being slow until the remake is out (> w <)/

It actually released 2 years ago, you can play it there (é o è)/
A remake is in the work though, which will contain a hopefully better writing/less confusing backstories and more content ~

Thank you for the kind words ! I'm happy you liked the game this much and recommended it to people, it means a lot for me💖

Happy that you think so, thank you for your let's play (^ O^)/💖✨

I'm glad then ;-;
Though I hope Haru's route will be less confusing in the remake ! At least I'm trying my best rewriting it a bit better than the current version (will add more fluff too)✦

Thank you for the kind words ! I'm happy it shows that all the characters are dear to my heart, it means a lot for me💖✨

I'm actually currently rewriting + redrawing the whole game (still no release date planned though) with more content + childhood arc and adulthood extra stories for each of the characters (^ O^)/
So Toshio will definitelly have a happy ending and get all the loves he deserves and didn't get from the current/previous version💖

Thank you it means a lot for me !
I'm happy you loved the game that much and that you were able to get attached to the characters❤
I'm slowly but surely making a full revamp/remake with new art style and new content as well, so hpefully you'll like the next version of the project too (if ever you decide to play it once it's released, that is) (^ w^)/✦
Once again thank you for playing and for the kind words, it really motivates me and made my day ~

Thank you for the kind words and for loving the game ! ❤
I can't wait to be able to work on the continuation, I have so much more to tell about their world ✨

Slowly but surely, don't worry 🌼

Thank you I'm happy you loved it !
A remake is in the work, with hopefully more content and new gameplay (point & click elements, childhood arcs, bonus stories, etc...). I don't have any release date though, so you'll have to be patient and bear with me (but I'm trying to regularly post updates on twitter) (> w <)/✦

Thank you again for the kind words, it means a lot for me ❤

I'm sorry to hear the past years were rough for you and I hope you are doing a bit better now❤

As for the "Fujiwara" meaning, the equivalent english word is "Wisteria". In the case of this game (and flowers language) it means "new beginning" and "a wish of happiness", which I wanted for the characters at the end of their stories ~
Now the logo makes all its sense when you look at it, haha!
Fun fact, the little flower after "BitterSweet" originally had each of its petal colored with the characters colors, but it was too distracting and I decided to keep it all white for it to blend better with the rest of the logo xD

I hope it answered your question, thank you again for the kind words ! It means a lot for me and makes me really happy!✦

Thanks to you for playing and liking it !❤✦

Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot for me ! ❤
And please don't worry about not playing the other routes, it's totally okay xD
The recommended route is only there to guide you, but in the end you are totally free to play the game as you want. Even only playing one route and stop as that is totally okay, so yup ! Don't stress too much about it✦

Thank you again for this let's play ! It really made my day!❤✦
(and yes, it also made me giggle to write this scene AND seeing your reaction when you played !)

Thank you, I'm so happy you liked the game this much !❤
I wanted to write more about them but didn't have the time since it was a one month challenge x)
Hopefully I'll be able to extend it with new content in the future✦
Thank you again for your kind words ~

Thank you, happy you loved the game ! ❤
Yes I'm planning on doing a way longer version in the future, so hopefully I'll be able to ~
Thank you again for the kind words and for playing✨

It might be your antivirus who is automatically deleting it then (u__u)

That's really weird, you are the first person reporting this to me. Unfortunately, I have no clue why it's happening to only you (u___u)
Do you have any error message? Are yu at least able to open it or does it immediately get deleted by itself as soon as you download it ?

Thank you❤

Thank you, happy you liked it!✦

Thank you for the kind words, I'm really happy you loved it this much and made you tear up (é w è)❤

Unfortunately not, since the game wasn't created with a mobile port in mind, but I might consider phone versions for future game if I have the capacity/resources for it✦

Thank you, happy you liked both of them !❤
It was a fun little experience for me to write and draw, so I'm glad you enjoyed it as well ~

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Thank you ! I'm so happy you liked the game despite its flaws❤
To answer your questions : 
A lot of people were confuse as you were and even angry and for that I'm sorry. It was because I didn't handle the writing for his route as well as I wanted too and only realized it later with the feedback (u___u)
Haru is indeed biologically male, but although he doesn't feel the need to be female nor suffer of dysphoria, he does hold a certain grudge to adults and male in general due to his backstory and the toxic relationships his mother was in through his childhood, hence the "I don't want's to become and adult if it's to end up like all the men I knew in my life until then".

About the crossdressing part it's also due to his backstory, but also because even though he doesn't want to become "a man", he is also very self-conscious of his small size and frail stature for a boy his age as well as his androgynous and fill better about it and like wearing feminine clothes because he feels more safe in it.

And about Aya, she is actually saying that she felt for him when she thought Haru was a girl, but also means it would have been the same if he was a boy.
It's not really explicitely said in game, but Aya is pansexual so she would have loved him no matter what✦
And his answer was more like if he knew, he wouldn't have bothered to try fiting more on the "male" case and work more on his "himself" case.

In conclusion Haru is not trans, he simply feel better and secure in feminine clothes due to his physical traits and doesn't fit what society expect to him as a male.
I think you could say he is a non-conformist character and I'll try to portray him better in the remake ~

I hope it answered your question, if you have anything else to ask don't hesitate to tell me and I'll gladly answer (^ O^)/

There should be achievements on apple too, but you can collect them only with the Steam version. Hopefully I'll be able to add in game achievements too in the future for the itchio version (u___u)

Thank you ! I can't wait to have time to work more on the next version✦

Merci pour tous ces gentils mots, ça motive vraiment pour la suite !
Et savoir que Fujiwara Bittersweet a pu aider dans un moment difficile est, je pense, l'une des plus belles récompenses que je puisse recevoir vis-à-vis de mon travail ! Merci encore ❤

Merci encore pour le soutien ! (^__^)/❤

Merci ! Ça me fait super plaisir, je vais relayer le message aux autres membres de la team ! 🌼
On n'a toujours pas de date de sortie mais on progresse lentement mais sûrement. J'essaye de donner quelques news et aperçus les fois où on a quelque chose d'intéressant à montrer, mais qui spoil pas trop non plus ~
Et pour la version française, je fais de mon mieux pour essayer de retranscrire le style d'écriture anglais de notre écrivaine✦
La seule chose qui m'angoisse pour la version française c'est que je fais beaucoup de fautes et c'est compliqué de trouver des volontaires pour la relecture, qui on assez de temps à consacrer au projet et que ça ne dérange pas de travailler gratuitement ou avec mon budget réduit. Ce que je comprends parfaitement ! Mais c'est vrai que c'est l'une de mes sources de stress principales concernant Colors of Fate ^^"
Dans tous les cas, merci encore pour ces gentils mots et encouragements ! Ça me fais vraiment chaud au cœur ❤

Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot for me ! It makes me also really happy and glad that you love Toshio's and Haru's routes since I know I shouldn't play favoritism, but... they are my favorites characters ❤
Hopefully I'll be able to make and release Fujiwara:Remake and Fujiwara 2, so I hope you will like them too when/if the day comes ✦

Thank you ! And I can't wait to work on more✦