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Wow. Im trully amazed this is a 3 hours game. Anyways onto the classic disclaimer: This is my opnion, and by no means the absolute truth. However i do think it has its value. Welp onto the review


5/5 no doubt. To think someone had time to code a puzzle game and its mechanics, and then proceed to design 13 levels in 3 hours is astonishing. im trully stunned by that. Well played sir(or mam) well played


OVerall, the mechanics are SOLID, and it really is a fun game to play. I couldnt break it and belive me i TRIED (i managed to softlock 2/5 games i rated so far). I think it could be a bit harder and have more mechanics. also PLEASE update this, i would really play a finished version of this. 4/5


Not much to say. its a robust game, but the text explaining stuff withing levels is quite a pain to read sometimes. 4/5.