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Am I allowed to rename the png files? The names are too hard to remember.

Also I love them!

They look so cute!

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Yes! That's completely fine! I'd rather you be comfortable in using them!
I'm glad that you think they're cute as well!


Dear NoranekoGames, first let me say I am quite thrilled finding your character models of exceptional quality.  I am a novice dev in the middle of my first Visual Novel, and I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me:

1) Are your models computer made or hand drawn?

2) Are you planning to design a few male characters? (Don't want my protagonist feeling like they're in an all girl situation)

3)Do you have any references for more material in terms of BGM or SFX? as I've said I'm learning the ropes as I type this.

Thank you for your content and when this is finished I plan on making sure your contributions are noticable, and hopefully financially rewarding! I will look out for your response.

Congrats on getting to work on your first visual novel! 
I'll be glad to answer your questions!
1) I use a wacom cintiq to digitally draw everything by hand. Everything is drawn in photoshop. Some of my older works were drawn by mouse though (the original sprites I uploaded). 

2) While I'd love to draw male characters, I'm so bad at them right now due to not studying the anime style proportions enough that I just don't draw them. I am working to gather a lot more resources to try and work on being able to but I don't forsee getting them on the level of my female sprites anytime soon. I'm really sorry about that!

3)Over the past 5 years I've collected a bunch of links to sites with free resources of all kind. Here are some of my favorites that provide both BGM and SFX:
Pocket Sound

Good luck with your project!!