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Okay, the proper ZIP file has been uploaded this time and should include everything it's supposed to. Thank you so much again for catching that!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I never caught that! Thank you so much for letting me know, I'll update it to include the dress soon!

Having fun playing.
I do think that the easy difficulty is still fairly difficult, even as someone who plays medium to hard. Maybe a little too difficult for some players, I worry.
I'm going to keep playing and racking up points to play through the story.

Thank you so much for your compliment!
That link is absolutely fine to use!

This was a small and charming story to play through!

Thank you for taking an interest in my work, I'm glad that they could be of help!  
Good luck with your future project! 
Even if it is in spanish and I would not be able to read it, you can still link it to me. I like to help advertise!

Thank you so very much, again! I'm so glad you loved it! 

I take outfit requests for characters for free as long as I can also release them for others to use.
I can do the group in the outfit or If you have specific outfits you want for certain characters, let me know because the latter will be a faster turnaround.
As for future outfits I create on my own, I do plan on putting some out for each character in the future!

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Oh wow! This is amazing and cute and so very well done!!! I'm so excited!!! Is it okay if I share this on my twitter so many other people can see the work you've done as well?

This is so cute!! I had fun playing!

It's not required but feel free to post a link to the video here; I'd love to see it!

Thanks and good luck with your project!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so!!

Hahaha, sorry to have confused you! There are a lot of nice games out there who use my free to use resources so I made a category for them, as you've found out! 
I am currently working very hard on both this game and an update for Encore-Summer-.  Both of them are in the same universe and will use the same assets so a lot of work is getting done on MeS by working on both at the same time! I hope I can meet your expectations on updates soon!

The Rules.txt is just there for the person who has come across the download for the characters. I often download free to use assets but I can't remember the rules attached if it disappears in the future so I thought it would be nice to put in with the download folder, just as a reminder.
It doesn't have to show up in your game folder at all if that helps to clear anything up. 
I will take a look at the rewrite very soon and let you know what I think! I'm always open to hearing people's suggestions on how to make my assets and rules a little more understandable so thank you for caring about it!

This was cute and heartwarming! I enjoyed reading!

I'm excited to see! Thank you for letting me know!

Thank you so very much!! I'm glad you think so!

Very cute and wholesome demo! I can't wait to see more in the full game!

Thank you for your compliments! What kind of reference are you using them for if I may ask?

Please post a link when you are done! I'd love to see it!

If it still follows the rules for the sprite, this is absolutely fine! Thank you so much!!

Of course! That's absolutely fine! Let me know if you need any help changing any of the colors.

I'm both absolutely fine with the side characters being used as main characters as well and with yandere characters! I have a rather soft spot for yandere.
I gave COPYING.noraneko a read and it does get across my intentions well, thank you!
I will be trying to play it soon as well, thank you for commenting to let me know!

Wow! I'm honored that you do such a thing! I hope I can continue to live up to your compliments! Thank you!

Thank you so much for playing! I will look into correcting spelling and look further into the music and scene changes! I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you! I'm glad that you like it!

Hi! Thank you for the concern and offer to help! I actually left these unencrypted because I wanted people to be able to pull the resources if they want to use them for things like creating video thumbnails for reviews or lets plays! 
If anyone is using them in an illegal manner (using them for non MeS related content) then I do not mind going through the motions to get it taken down. I'd rather not punish people who may want to use them reasonably.

But really and truly, thank you so much for your concern!

Congrats on getting to work on your first visual novel! 
I'll be glad to answer your questions!
1) I use a wacom cintiq to digitally draw everything by hand. Everything is drawn in photoshop. Some of my older works were drawn by mouse though (the original sprites I uploaded). 

2) While I'd love to draw male characters, I'm so bad at them right now due to not studying the anime style proportions enough that I just don't draw them. I am working to gather a lot more resources to try and work on being able to but I don't forsee getting them on the level of my female sprites anytime soon. I'm really sorry about that!

3)Over the past 5 years I've collected a bunch of links to sites with free resources of all kind. Here are some of my favorites that provide both BGM and SFX:
Pocket Sound

Good luck with your project!!

Oh, that sounds absolutely fine! Just make sure to follow the rules listed and that is a perfectly good use for these assets!

I'll work on one as soon as possible. Can I ask what kind of mod?

Can I get a little more information for this?

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Yes! That's completely fine! I'd rather you be comfortable in using them!
I'm glad that you think they're cute as well!

I can't wait to see it!

I'm so glad you think she's kawaii!! <3

I'm glad they could be of help to you! 
Also, thank you for the link! I'm excited to check it out as soon as I have some free time!

Thank you!

Thank you so much, as always, Jago! 

It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed the game and looking forward to the full game! Thank you so much for your compliments, it's really motivating! 

I plan to release it on mac as well as several other platforms including mobile!