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thanks ... i used blender 2.9 and it worked!!! perfectly (texture did'nt showed up in blender but it showed up in godot with all animation i wanted... )


Awesome! Glad it worked out for your workflow :D Also, a new update for the tool is coming soon...

Hi, so the addon will work with 2.9x? Playing with it now and got errors in 2.9 too :)

Hello! Yes, it will work, I'm finishing latest tests with dev branch you can use it if you want it's available here but what is the issue you're having?

Thank you! This is my scene structure, when I initialize Mixamo character, I got this message

But it seems it imported ok. But then I try to Join animation and got this message, the armatures here are both, and when I choose Play animation, it plays only the second imported, and the armature is separated, the first initialized stays still in place

Seems like there's an issue on your file with existing collections named "__COL" Maybe you can try from scratch without any collections added to the scene also, that's v1 of GGT right?

Ok, I tried delete all the collections and have a clean scene. Using official 2.90 installation and today 2.91 build, the same errors as I described previously

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Seems like you're still using older add-on version.  ( Base on your tool menu panel ) v2  of GGT should fix that issue

You might have to fully uninstall that add-on version (filesystem) and update for the newer one in github repo (dev branch)

Feel free to shoot me a message on the discord channel

Thank you, I posted my tests into Discord Bugs section