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Depends on what you mean by "worked". A few users had issues with the installation process, if that's what you mean, you can try checking the zipped file inside the zipped folder. The reason why the addon has a zip inside a zip is because one version (not from github one) has examples included to help users understand the usage process.

Hello! First of all, this is a free open source donation based project. Can you better describe what is your issue? Also keep in mind that the version from has another zip folder inside which is the one you should be installing through Blender.  Regarding updated videos, they will come soon once v2 has all features finished. V1 and V2 of the tool are available in github as well and they both work with latest Blender versions.

Hello! My first hunch of that case would be double checking possible position (translation) differences between rest pose, pose positions. Also make sure you have applied transformations if they're correct. In macOS the shortcut for that is Cmd + A.

Nice pack! What is the license for it?

Thank you, keep it up the nice work!

Hello! Nice work on this  content! What is the license? Can I use it for gamedev & videos?

Hello @Aldenwar! The idea behind PRC is to be used in the character rendering process, if you do have a character without an actual rig and still want to render it, you can either use the Quick Render in Render Controller > Quick Render or add a single bone to your mesh just to target your object within settings Shift +A > Armature > Single Bone then Select Object > Select Bone > Ctrl/Cmd + P > With Automatic Weights, then you should be good to select and render. There will be an update soon which will consider both scenarios Armature/Object but this change was required for now in order to retrieve all animations to the rendering process.

Hi, each model can have a different way to be worked on, you can see more about this on github -

check wich file you selecting when you download it, there's a zip within a zip, you want the file inside it.

Thanks for the heads up! ;) 

Invite link updated now

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Seems like you're still using older add-on version.  ( Base on your tool menu panel ) v2  of GGT should fix that issue

You might have to fully uninstall that add-on version (filesystem) and update for the newer one in github repo (dev branch)

Feel free to shoot me a message on the discord channel

Seems like there's an issue on your file with existing collections named "__COL" Maybe you can try from scratch without any collections added to the scene also, that's v1 of GGT right?

Hello! Yes, it will work, I'm finishing latest tests with dev branch you can use it if you want it's available here but what is the issue you're having?

Try using latest dev branch and play a bit with Hips Scale property, that setting most likely will help out...

Awesome! Glad it worked out for your workflow :D Also, a new update for the tool is coming soon...

Exposed Columns Param

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Hello! Currently it is set to 10 columns per file to maximize compatibility for most engines. But this is easily adjustable as a param. You can use the new version with this param and set as 1 column which should help you join sprites with the spritesheet feature.

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I'll be updating this version into a newer one soon, so for now, feel free to try Dev branch from this link or if issue still persists, you're welcome to open a github issue so we can analyze your case in particular. Most likely this issue is happening due to something wrong in Windows + Blender environment but we can sort it out. Other users had similar issues and all were able to fix it. Thanks for getting in contact.

If the GGT menu Add-on does not show up in Tools Panel "N" hotkey (Also make sure you are in object mode), then you have to make sure your system does not include any corrupted version of the addon installed within another directory (this is a common issue in some Blender addons - ) then close Blender, open again and try reinstalling it.

Are you using latest Blender versions or at least a version 2.8x? 

Please, make sure you have selected the correct zip file included inside the zipped package.  Because this package contains examples and other add-on related items inside the zip folder. 

Awesome example! But one quick question, how do you apply gravity on that script?

Sorry, the license of the tool and it's developers doesn't allow it.

This tool is part of a bigger project which involves regular maintenance therefore there are costs involved to keep it always 100% compatible.

Hi! I believe shape keys are only supported in GLES3 for current version of Godot.

Ah okay, it's because you have the newer version, the menu Mixamo  Utilities was renamed to Character Utilities

Hi, please make sure you are in Object Mode in Blender and also uninstall any previous versions you have, close and open Blender before installing GGT v2

Awesome! We're glad to know that it's been helpful to you! We're currently working towards v2 of the tool.

Looking forward for the macOS version to test it out 😀

Yeap, for now, you can start a new blank project and include all your animations on the first time you run the character, a few contributors are currently working on fixing this already in our development branch.

Thanks for the feedback @enzyme69. v1.0.4 will bring a lot of refactoring on that feature. As you mentioned when joining animations, it fetches all files in folder, so there's no need to select them individually as long as the folder contains all animations you want. Regarding NLA tracks yeah, there seems to be an issue on the export not considering the first track, right now the most used exporter from our community is the better collada as there's no additional setup on NLAs to work with it.

v1.0.3 Released
- Added Root Motion Feature
- Individual / Batch Animation Root Motion Bake
- Rename Animation Feature
- NLA Tracks Auto Insert For GLTF2.0 Export Support
- Object Validations / Status Message

Hello @HeadClot! 

For now, we're focused on adding all features related to Root Motion support.

Unfortunately I don't have UE4 installed / projects, but maybe in the future if we find some quick way to test it, we might implement it.

For now, maybe you can try this exporter:

Best regards.

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v1.0.2 Released 

- Performance Updates 

- Bone Display Tooggle ( Debug )

- Fixed Mixamo Rigs For Multiple Animations Bones ( Blender 2.81 )

Hi BoJustBo, currently it's not integrated camera settings in the addon as each person has individual needs for the camera, but that can be easily set for the render as long as you have only one active camera in your scene. You can use this other free addon for setting the camera ( And PRC combined to get proper 2.5D and isometric sprite in the best angle you need.

For future updates, we shall upgrade the addon to hold camera presets as well.

- Best regards.

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v1.0.1 Released 

- Version Merge / Bug Fixes / Rename Animation Handler

- v1.0.3 Released with few updates adapted for new versions of Blender 2.8

Amazing! Congrats, keep it up!