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cute approach of a tower defense game :D and i love the menu. Got a bit stuck in my game to how to do the menu. But i like this design, i know its not super original but i for some reason just got stuck on what to do with it :P The different level types is really cool to love the cartoon/draw look of the graphics fits greatly with everything! it all looks very nice! Also the level transitions and new item popups.

I could really use some feedback on my puzzle game maybe you have time to check it out?

no idea if you want feedback, but maybe it helps :) but here it is :P i found it a bit confusion that i had to click twice on upgrades and building new “towers” maybe i’m missing something why its like this but slowed the gameplay down a bit for me. And during the tutorial it would have been nice to get a noticed where to click, there was this finger but it seemed to always be there so i ignored it 2 times before realizing i had to click there.

I was also a bit confused where the “money" comes from, maybe adding a text graphic just like in the hits to know better when new money comes in would be nice :)

Other then that really love it, the idea of building your own path like this and overal look really nice :D and the different play styles of every level keep is very fresh!


Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I always appreciate some. I agree it is missing visual feedback on many things (money gain and tower upgrades for example). Def something I need to pay more attention to as it affect game play more than I thought it would. Sounds like such a rookie mistake to make haha but hey you learn from it right? 

As for the control, it was designed on mobile first and the first tap was used to open up the tooltip and the second one was to confirm the action. I think on the desktop version it should be okay to have a mouse over for tooltip and a single click action. Something I will add in future updates. Thanks for the heads up.

I can take a look at your game for sure. I love doing UI so maybe I can help with it if you would like.