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cute approach of a tower defense game :D and i love the menu. Got a bit stuck in my game to how to do the menu. But i like this design, i know its not super original but i for some reason just got stuck on what to do with it :P The different level types is really cool to love the cartoon/draw look of the graphics fits greatly with everything! it all looks very nice! Also the level transitions and new item popups.

I could really use some feedback on my puzzle game maybe you have time to check it out?

no idea if you want feedback, but maybe it helps :) but here it is :P i found it a bit confusion that i had to click twice on upgrades and building new “towers” maybe i’m missing something why its like this but slowed the gameplay down a bit for me. And during the tutorial it would have been nice to get a noticed where to click, there was this finger but it seemed to always be there so i ignored it 2 times before realizing i had to click there.

I was also a bit confused where the “money" comes from, maybe adding a text graphic just like in the hits to know better when new money comes in would be nice :)

Other then that really love it, the idea of building your own path like this and overal look really nice :D and the different play styles of every level keep is very fresh!

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