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This game has a great atmosphere and unique setting and enemies.  It's really fun and deserves more players, great job! I was curious about getting to the stage beyond the Factory (the Junkyard?) after obtaining the Alpha Key.  The key is supposed to allow Uno to travel through tougher air ducts, but I'm still blocked by the north duct between the Dorms and the Factory.  I thought that was the way in but maybe I was wrong?  I've looked around all the other rooms for stuff I missed but they all seem to require information from the Junkyard.  Any help would be appreciated!

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Thanks! Really happy with any feedback :)

Did you use the Alpha Key to upgrade your armor? (It gets purple instead of orange, for reference). Like, the key unlocks the device that upgrades Uno's armor to get through tougher ducts, but you'll have to find the device first. It looks like the restoration chamber from any save room but orange instead of purple.

There's another area acessible after the tougher ducts. The Junkyard can be reached at this point but it's not related with the Alpha Key. 

Did you get the Portable Heater, by any chance?

Have you visited the Light Room in the Factory?

You have visited the Engine Room to eventually get the Alpha Key, right? Maybe you should visit it again to change the direction of the blue lever and see if something in the factory changes.

There's actually two entrances to the ducts from the factory. The first one that links the Factory with the Test Dorms, and the second which can be accessed after unlocking a specific room. That locked vent on the ducts between the Dorms and Factory can only by opened from the other side, and serves as a shortcut.

The game gets slightly less linear at this point haha Will try to give hints but i can just say the solution if you want to.


Thanks!  I had gotten into the light and reunion room and activated the alpha key, but I took a closer look at the light room and was able to get into the Junkyard with the tools there, just not the way I was expecting within the light room itself.  I'm looking forward to unlocking the secrets of the Stargazer :)

Kind of sucks that the game isn't popular enough for someone to make a walkthrough. Maybe i'll make a simple one myself and post it on the development log haha

But anyway, if you get stuck again, just post in the comments about it.