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I really like the style of this game but had a game breaking bug happen - my GF and I tried to play online multiplayer together (side-by-side) and the game gave us the wrong information about our tiles. I placed a red-red match and got -1 point, while on her screen it did not match, then she placed a tile and had the same issue. our screens showed different tiles. 

THEN I tried to exit the match and I cannot click the "exit to menu button". I can click the exit game option, but when I restart the game it takes me back to the same screen. so since I had only played a little I tried un and re-installing the game. It launches to the same screen. So the game is fully unplayable for me at this point and I'm sad about it.  

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Could you tell me which version you're playing? (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.) I think I might have a fix already that just needs ushered out.