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This game wasn’t created during the jam period so I’m unsure of its eligibility; however, I think it would benefit from some helpful comments.

As a sighted person I understand how the game works and think it could be successful with a few improvements. Specifically, the heartbeat sounds as if it’s getting triggered each frame. So instead of communicating useful information it’s giving me an abrasive wall of sound. Fixing that bug would make it immediately more playable.

For this game to be accessible to folks who are blind it needs more work. I’m not familiar with GDevelop so I can only give you basic advice:

The text displayed is not accessible to screen readers. In the PG13 stream of your game they needed to use OCR to learn that they needed to press space and then Z to play. This could be solved by either recording audio for your text or finding a way for your engine to output accessible text. I think enabling the fullscreen button for your game would help too.

More sound cues would also improve the experience for everyone. These might include footstep and collision sounds. With sight we can see our character move, but with sound we receive feedback about that movement. Footsteps tell us when we’re moving through space, and with collisions we understand the boundaries of that space. A cue for winning a level would help too.

Thanks for your submission. Good work!