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Thanks for you input, The water could be changed to dark blue, the Green is the Darkest and remember i'm only allowed 3 Colours and 1 transparent colour, Seuck is only used for some of the Build process, Title Screen, Sprites, Tiles Maps, And the Map itself is done outside of Seuck, Then its all compiled with kickass assembler to add in the Extra Features, So yeah saving the Hi-Score table should be Possible but then what about the .prg/.T64/.Tap file, Cannot really save in that Format, Also i think the Colour Issue is really only a big Problem on a Real C64, on TheC64Maxi or Vice it's looks okay, I did get a C64C so i could test my games on real hardware but that died, so untill i get that fixed i can only see what my
Games look like when someone does a Video.

But again Thank you for your Input, I really do need to Know these things.

Here is a game where you fly over a forest.....

The eyes maybe fooled by the other colors but the green looks darker here.
Or its the overall technique, mixing it up with brown (and even some grey directly on the trees, just saw that).
Sorry for still bothering, but I wanted to show you that.

About the Highscore table: People mainly use .D64 I think, At least I only use .D64 if its available. I dont know why people might want to use  the other variations. CRT (cartridge) maybe, because it loads faster?

Saveable highscores are always appreciated by most people I guess.
At least people using .prg or .crt cannot complain about a non saved highscore then. =D

I'm working on trying some different colour and some tricks to tone down colour, but this may course a flicker effect, And i am not going to start added code for Hi-Score saving and/or add new code for a Free Game, If and when i start working on code like that then it will have a Price tag.

What? Instant report! ;) =D
Well if the comment system had a "Like" button I would have pressed that now.^^
Should it flicker (SEUCK likes flickering) dont release it. =/

And I agree. Its still a free game and I was complaining about a tiny detail that might be a quite a load of extra work. Dont waste time for that. =)
And there is already a workaround, I could make a savestate in Vice to preserve the highscore table, if I wanted to do that.
19xxx points is my best score up to now, so I still have to achieve a score that needs to be documented for eternity. =D

Update is out now, Still might Flicker if using LCD/LED on Emulator.