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hello i cant open it says some thing about opengl 

Hi! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems.

Without knowing what it says about OpenGL, I can't offer any advice. You will probably also need to give me version details for your operating system, graphics card, and graphics driver. If you can send all of that along with a copy of the game log to the address listed under the Technical Support section in the F.A.Q. here on the store page, I'll be happy to look further into what's happening.

Deleted 335 days ago

Hi! I haven't seen any information come through as yet. Were you able to get the game running?

yea sorry my pc was to bad for it but when i get a new on pc ill play it 100% :)

Okeydokey! If you're super keen, and want to email me your specs anyway, I can see if there's anything I can do to get it up and running.