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I love the art. Everything looks professional and highly consistent. One thing... I so badly want for you to remove the black outline on the player. That's personal preference, though nothing else in the game has it.

The gameplay feels great. The timings of the attack, the roll, and just running around. However, the game was oppressively difficult. This game has the blood of dark souls, but there is a trick to that game. It's actually not that difficult. It just does a really good job making things seem difficult, or even impossible. Which makes it all the sweeter when you win.

In your game, there are weak looking dudes that wreck you. That's frustrating. The mechanics of the combat are good, and challenging in the right way, but I think enemies that look harder than they are are best.

You have a really good game on your hands here with a lot of potential. Just make sure you are secretly rooting for the player ;)