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Well, I feel honored to be the first!

First note, that I am not hearing or sight impaired. But I do suffer from light sensitivity and that can have an affect on my seizures. As such, I really enjoy the static ambience that is in the tutorials. It's easy on the eyes, and I think it gives it a perfect atmosphere to just listen to the audio cues without having to worry about anything going on on the screen.

The second thing is that the Voice Over artists you have are doing quite an exceptional job! It feels like I'm listening to a high quality audio book. There's no garble, fabric or paper rustling, or white noise, and the audio so far is very clear and concise! Not an easy feat! I did however feel like the lines in the first tutorial made it seem that the Uncle was a tad bit less caring than he later came out to be.  But I think it's kind of cool to see the characters adapt. I only made it to the Heavy Attack tutorial due to it being so late in the day here, but that was the one that started to falter a bit for me. I noticed that heavy attacks could only be unleashed to the sides and not to the front. (This may be on purpose and I may have missed the audio cue saying as such.) But I did have to wait until the uncle passed the forward position before I could let loose the attack.  I also noticed that after a while it became difficult for me to place exactly where he was in the room (only in that tutorial), but this may have just been due to me playing this on my laptop. However it definitely seemed smoother and easier to detect him before the Heavy Attack tutorial so I'm not too sure. Other than that, so far I can pick out exactly what it is I am hearing and can distinguish it from the other sounds, which is pretty cool! It didn't know how much sound played a part in my life! But yeah, so far so good! I can definitely see this as potentially being a game even the non-impaired play, and who knows? I think it may even have the potential to be a trend and even change how other games are played in the future. So amazing job! Keep up the good work! I'm very eager to see where this goes!