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Well put

This looks awesome!!! Wheeeere is it???

Hey I just unlocked Guild Wars, but the Guild list won't populate. I'm on Android through Nutaku.

Got any fixes for that?

You are awesome Malerouille. Don't let no one tell ya different!

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Lmao!  That's okay, I didn't think you'd have anything decent to say anyway. You responded exactly as I expected.

Mind sharing then?  Or do you just exist to crap on devs and their fans?

Now THIS was a fun and original game! Been missing these fast-paced arcade style games!

Honestly I can only think of more characters. Someone rattled off a good list, but a few they missed are kobolds, sergals, lamias, lizards, fish people, etc. Which brings me to my suggestion...

The water is an interesting feature. It would be nice to upgrade to maybe a yacht and be able to encounter things on the water too. I almost wonder if a Volcano would add some more interesting chars and stuff too. One thing I don't see enough game devs do, is place filters on what fetishes are seen too. It's probably difficult and time consuming to do, especially if the chars are already made, but it's really refreshing to see filters for content you aren't into (gay, lesbian, futa, straight). I feel like this opens up the game to a broader range of audiences, but hey, it's just my opinion, and I'm not the one troubleshooting code. You do what you think is best for your baby! That said, I do have some very vague ideas that you could incorporate (if you want), as you move forward.

I do have some ideas, but I absolutely love the game as is. I don't think these would harmonize too much or should be mainstays, but it could be interesting to see these in minor facets, as long as it doesn't change the core gameplay too much. You can take or leave these as you please: Maybe a minor quest feature, some goals to reach perhaps? And a merchant feature that allows you to get certain benefits from mining, perhaps from a city or group? Or perhaps specific locations such as a meteor crater, swamps, mountains, town, or fissure, some with perhaps more rare types of materials? Or even rare events, that could shake up the story a little bit (like what if the drill broke at a certain location, or someone sabotaged the vehicle. Maybe the vehicle accidentally hit someone and now you gotta room them. Or perhaps a char could get too fat and the vehicle would break down, etc.). It's gonna be cool to see what you do with the characters interacting with each other (at least I think that's what you're aiming for) it'll be cool to see what interactions there might be!

P.S. If you're up for a Round 2, I would also love to see a sequel to this, an Underwater or Sci-fi Space theme comes to mind. There's probably a LOT to explore there! Can't wait to see what you do, love what is there thus far!

Oh boy! I cannot wait! Keep up the awesome work!

Man we got the development powerhouse over here!

Been checking up on all my favorite games today and HOLY COW!

You've made more progress than any I've seen. Don't burn yourself out!

Wish all devs could plow through development like you! This is awesome!

This is a really fun page to type on  :D

Now THIS is a CARD GAME!!!!

Idk why nobody ever thought of this before! I'm so glad I decided to check and see if you had any other wips. This is so cool!

I'd definitely be interested in having this as a downloadable so I could play it offline on my pc or my phone. You've got some really kickass original ideas! Keep em coming!

Thanks for the constant work and updates!

Keep up the awesome work Malerouille!

Aw Shoot!  Look at that! You got some awards!

So glad to see that this game came into fruition! Hopefully this is the start of a long grand road for this type of game genre. I think it's great that you came up with a game for disabled people. I'm disabled myself so it's awesome to see! I think you'll do well. Heck, you just might be able to compete with some of the big companies out there! If that time comes I'd like to buy some stock in your company. I really hope to see more of what you guys have to offer! This journey has been super fun to watch, and I am so glad so many people were willing to give such attention to this game! It really was an awesome demo. Once I'm able to get a job again, this'll be one of the first games I snag!

Thanks for so much for your dedication devs! This really could change the world! Hope to see what you've got next in store!

Thanks for the update! These past 2 years have been rough for everyone. A blog update or something small like responding in the comments section like this can go a long way. It's the difference between the fans of project remembering that it exists or thinking that it's dead. Seeing the devs interact with their community shows that they're alive and well (along with their project).  Which is so important nowadays.

I much prefer a dev saying "we've made no progress, but we will get back to it in a couple of months, due to some problems." Rather than complete silence. Silence gives the illusion that perhaps the devs of a project no longer want to expend the effort, which means effectively that the project too, is no longer worth their attention.

Popping on and giving an update/response about every 4 months let's everyone know that there's still hope, especially on this platform. (As updates and responses can be gauged monthly/yearly).

On behalf of us fans...Thanks so much for keeping up the good fight! Hope everything continues to grow in your favor! We can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Same, thanks for filling us in! It's murder clinging to the edge of your seat for news.

I'd rather have this than hear nothing at all. Silence makes it seem as if a project is dead. Keep going! I'm excited to see where this goes!


Will do! And thanks for the reply!

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I need help. What''s the process for transfering saves to the new version? Everything looks gobbywonkers. I'm on windows, but others might need the instructions for other platforms as well if you are feeling charitable this fine day.

Been jumping around to see if there was a version later than 0.4 from 2018. Can you give us a more specific window than "very soon"?  I want to know if I can expect to play it or try it within the next few months. But I'm gonna be candid.  If I don't know when, then I probably won't remember and forget about it.

At the very least, if you have a later version, it might be nice just to release it to your fans/followers even if it won't be like your new prototype.  It seems like they have been waiting so long that they are giving up hope. Throwing a proverbial bone might ignite that fire again.

I would buy it, if there was a way to customize the girls

This looks great! Definitely an original for the furry fandom! I wanna see more like this!

This looks cool! But is it dead?  :(

Aw man, I was hoping there would be something here...

Message recieved, I can't wait to see what you've got in store!

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Wow! Gotta say, I'm really impressed! You did an amazing job! I felt like I was totally immersed in a whole new world! It was very original and everything felt right. The only frustration I had was figuring out how to use the sex scenes as a minigame, but I soon got the hang of it. I only got to 80% completion, but I felt like I was playing a game the entire time, and for an early build, this is by far the most fresh, and least glitchy one I've come across, well done! And the environment felt perfect too, right down to the gorgeous music and water, I don't know how you managed it, but everything is flowing like an A-Grade game, keep up the amazing work!

Well, this makes more sense somewhat. But I seriously did not catch on to it being a joke, or it being from the perspective of a 13 year old. I actually thought you made it as an intentional middle finger to the people who were downloading it. This explains things a little. But yeah, it definitely needs more dialog and hints from characters and definitely a world map and minimap.

Well, you've got a wolf that makes fun of white people. Other than that I couldn't find anything more interesting to do. Neither could I figure out where to go or what to do for about 10 minutes and I gave up.

Definitely check this one out! It's a game for blind people! Its like you're listening to an audiobook, but you get to decide what's on the pages. You use sound to fight and slay your enemies. If you are looking for something fresh and different definitely give this one a shot! I wouldn't mind playing more games like this!

A detective work, VN fighter? Looks pretty good! SFW

Murder Mystery 8-bit style! 18+

An interesting one. You'll just have to see for yourself! It's unique.

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A cute hand drawn game. SFW

Super cool and fun. Customize your very own monster girl. And it can be used on IOS. SFW

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Fun and unique top-down RPG. You can make all characters human or anthro and it has a very gameboy poke-mon like vibe. NSFW

 If you love monster girls, this is a must play. I've never seen a monster girl girl done so well and so in depth. You grow to like and love almost every character you meet. It's very good and very fun. It also encourages you to think outside the box to earn surprise secrets and bonuses (but not necessary). NSFW

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This game is really good for anybody looking for a good furry game! It's got a great story and the art is absolutely gorgeous! Check it out!

Honestly, it seems as if the files you guys get on itch are screwy. I suggest getting the ones from his Patreon. It allows you to get the recent builds, and if they don't work (which has happened to me a couple of times) the older versions usually do. And they are there for download as well. He usually puts out an updated build around every 4 months or so. So keep an eye out.

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater meets Blinx, Treasure Planet, Dead Space, and Conkers Bad Fur Day. What's not to like?

You've really got something here! Love the Cyberpunk-like ambience. Everything right down to the environment and the cool/creepy sounds! Will definitely buy when you guys have all the details worked out!

I would suggest putting something in the tutorial about when you first encounter a rail tho. It took me forever to figure out that I had to press space a second time to snap to the rail. Other than that, Awesome job! And please keep the slo-mo in. It really helps out a lot when it comes to the fast-paced battles!

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Finished the demo today. Really awesome gameplay! It wasn't too difficult to get the hang of and it was fun! There is one thing I think would make it better. I was getting xbox control cues by efault and had to change them mid game. A prompt at startup to ask the player which setting they want (controller or keyboard) would really help in that regard. Other than that, You've done an exceptional job with this! Can't wait to see more!