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I tried to ask before, but my question isn’t showing up now. I hope it wasn’t deleted. I was wondering about the ramifications of using my homemade game engine (which makes no assumptions about a specific game in question) without losing originality points. I don’t think it would be any different than using godot or unity except that mine isn’t as polished. But it doesn’t give me a leg up or anything. I haven’t done a jam before so I was interested in this one.

Well I hope you understand this is highly illegal and I will be forced to report you to national and international authorities at once! Clearly J/K. Of course you could use something like that. These are more a place for beginners to practice, then a place to sell or promote products. As long as you participating with the intention of practice, you can use what ever method you deem fit.

As for originality, do not over stress about that because I will be interested in asking more questions about this after I see what you make. Good Luck!