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When I open the game there is just a white screen and I can’t close the window, but I can make it fullscreen and hide it. I am using a windows computer.

Huh, that's a bug I've never heard before. 🤔 I'll do my best to figure out what might be causing it! A few questions:

  • Does the music play when it opens, or is that muted as well?
  • Do you happen to know what graphics renderer  you're running the game with? I have noticed that the default on a lot of computers (DirectX) has display issues that aren't present with OpenGL - I'm in the process of figuring that one out as well.

A few potential fixes for this:

  • When you launch the game, press shift+G - from there a menu will pop up and you can select to change the renderer. Try another option and see if that fixues it!
  • You can also try updating your Nvidia Drivers or your other GPU drivers.